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Nov 3, 2018
Wales, United Kingdom.
| Staff Roster (IC/OOC)

This is the official staff list of Elite Trucking. This will be continuously updated by multiple members of staff involved within the administration of Elite Trucking; if you have any questions and/or concerns regarding Elite Trucking, feel free to contact them directly here.


The President is the main management of the Elite Trucking San Andreas branch, and therefore has full control of its staff/departments within the Elite Trucking San Andreas Branch. Any inquiries and/or involvements the branch may be involved within.

Mike Palmer - ((Chopsy))

Vice President

Within Elite Trucking, the Vice President (or VP) offers assistance to the President of the branch. They will ensure day-to-day tasks around the branch are completed, along with being involved with the general administration of the branch, such as it's staff and investments.

Clint Cranford - ((Edward))


A Manager within Elite Trucking has to ensure that the staff are happy and comfortable with what they're doing. They are to work with and support the Supervisors of Elite Trucking with deliveries and hiring. Any questions, suggestions and/or issues that an employee has with their work is to discuss it first with a Manager, at which it will then be transferred towards the Presidents via them.

Thomas Howard - ((Kroze))


For a company such as Elite Trucking to run daily, and with the amount of business such a company gets, Supervisors are required to ensure that these jobs and tasks are for-filled by its employees in the most mature and professional manner possible. They will be the hosts of weekly training and ensure that staff are aware of their tasks/jobs over the period of one week.

Jerome Coleman - ((@Kyle758 ))


The Foreman(s) is the first point of call in the Management team, they are there to assist Supervisors in their day to day work. Foreman is a position of training, a position of potential. Someone who has this role is to be considered as a future Supervisor and is being evaluated and trained until a position comes up. Foreman is a position of high expectation and you must be very skilled to obtain this position.


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