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Luka and Jacob Putin!

Jarred Brown

Mar 16, 2010
USA, West Virginia, Huntington
My name, is Jarred Miller, and I am twelve years old. This may surprise you, but I am very mature for my age. ( In some things at least ) I am a great roleplayer in my opinion, and I enjoy it very much. Anyways, on with Luka's story.

Luka James Putin and Jacob Roger Putin
His mother's name was Renesmee, and she was a blond lady with bright blue eyes. She was always smiling. She was brilliant, and racking in about $380,000 per year. However, she wasn't nessecarily the most rule-following gal in the world.... She got into trouble, and ALOT! Her worst arrest, was going in the big house for a whole year! She had been reckless driving, and using Nitrous Oxide gas. She got pregant with Luka and Jacob at the age of 23. Their dad's name was Jeremy, and he was a Police Officer. It sounds like a strange mix huh? A rule-breaking hot chick with a cop? It didn't seem right.... Everyone thought the same thing every day when they saw them together. "They are a terrible couple". Some people would even have the nerve to say it to them. They eventually just gave up, and split apart in a dramatic breakup.

While Renesmee was five months pregnant, she was in a bad accident. It was December 15, 1960. The temperature was about 21 degree's, and it was icy. She had gone to see the new movie "Jaws". As she walked to the movie theater close to her house, she slipped and fell on the ice. She managed to reach into her jacket pocket, and call 911. Emergency operators arrived quickly on the scene.

She recovered quickly but the Paramedic's said the baby may have suffered brain damage. She cried for days and nights, for two months.

She was seven months pregnant now, and the baby felt heavy. He kicked constantly! Sometimes, it seemed like two kicks at once! She was happy the day she met Alec. She was walking down the street in a heavy sweater, and she was looking behind her at the road. Neither of them saw each other, and she bumped into Alec. Immediately like most men, Alec looked down at her huge stomach.

"So who's the lucky man?" Alec said.
"There isn't one sadly." Renesmee replied back.

Alec was determined. He asked her on a date, and they had lunch at a nearby restraunt. From there on out, things started to take off for them, and they developed a lovely relationship.


Uber Troll

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Jan 6, 2010
Looks good, but I think from part 2 on, it should be posted in Character Stories.

See you in-game soon hopefully. ((Damn opcodes))