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Life Of a liverpudlian musician/mechanic


Mar 14, 2010
Chapter 1
So the story begins a small liverpudlian child his father worked at a factory barely surving well..... thats not my case my case is a liverpudlian kid who loved american salt flat drag racing listening to Beatles records and experimenting whith lsd. The factory part was true but it was an austin martin factory by the time I was 15 I bought my first car a 1932 hustler It was Coke red and had a 427 smord big block I used to drive that thing all around the english country side when I had met Ianto_J my cousin for the first time we were eight and god that welsh accent cracked me up we started out as just you know materials runners selling them and stuff he had the Most smart at the time idea move to vice city We head got on the boat loading my Hustler up when I noticed a latch was loose I was running through the crowd scream whaling and shouting about I miss the latch by two centimeters and the car drops into the water.

Chapter 2
Vice City
Two days later We had arrived in vice city and I was still in sorrow for my hustler Ianto promissed me a new car
We run down to the junkyard to find a new car And I saw it a 55 Oceanic Drag slicked and everything It was clean and nice still had the original smord motor in it I had entered drag races in it "and a couple of street races"
best car in my life Drove it every were by the time I was 18 I thought we should move out west Ianto argreed
so We packed up the oceanic and head west

Chapter 3
san fierro
We had bought an apartment in china town pretty nice had a two car garage 2 bed rooms and a kitchen bath and every thing My Oceanic and Iantos windsor stayed in there We had worked up to the point were we owned a gas station whith a man named claude speed and catalynia the four of us had it well building cars and racing
but two years later they wanna move to liberty city and they lost the garage to a man named Carl Johnson and Vlinpando We had strived for a list of cars and by the time we had finshed Carl left we sold the garage and we head down south to live in our next home Blueberry

Chapter 4
Red County
Me and ianto were new to the comunty met a couple of guys as well Ian burns and Mick foley The biggest jerks to kick our asses to the curb we had lost it all but We were saved By alec rae setting us back on our feet only two weeks to gain everything Ianto never lost that damn windsor though sold my Oceanic and bought a stalion
The car was great and Life was too Then Bone county emerged from the sea the artificial land form built by Alec rae and aperture had given Us a chance to see what new buissness awaits us then we lost it all again

Chapter 5
Ianto And I lost our cars our house and everything but then some how or another some one ends putting us back up and that was not a man nor woman but a company EPSILON Put us too the top Ianto living in bone county and I Living in blue berry we work now for Richard Locke and Life has never been Better I bought my new cars my Picador my burrito work van and my Voodoo And Other adventures await for me And Ianto

Chapter 6
Fort Carson/Epsilon

Ianto and I have settled down I have a house in fort carson and he has one in Las Quebrados I Sold my voodoo and Picador And finally found my OCEANIC BACK!!!!!. Now I am driving my Iconcised oceanic again and Epsilon has done alot for me. Sure ive had a couple of run ends whith bills hitmen and such but now My life of crime and vilonence. now that Im settled I have no Idea what adventures hold for me I have a girlfriend now Caitlin Fisher and life is going great Now I Shall wait for my life to go to aknew again.


Feb 15, 2010
((The story is better though punctuation and stuff is not :!:))


Mar 14, 2010
Niels_Hernandez said:
((Ian burns and Mick foley The biggest jerks to kick our asses to the curb we had lost it all but We were saved By alec rae))

((a joke isn't it ?xD ))
yeah but know me and mick are cool not so sure about ian we Dont really ever talk much I dont think he wants shit to do whith me