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Lenny_Kaya Unban Appeal [Thuglife]

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Bronze Member
May 11, 2014
United Kingdom, London
Master Account: Thuglife
IG Name: Lenny Kaya< Banned on this M.A, Remenzo Alvarez, Katie Smith
IG Level: 2
Admin who banned you: Jeremy_Thompson
Reason for ban: Disgusting attitude, not welcome here.
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): No
Admit to offense? (yes/no): Yes
Other comments: Well, first of all I'm really sorry for my attitude and I would like to tell you guys what i expect from the admin team, If i have a attitude towards you, PLEASE TELL ME. If you don't tell me and ban me, I would not know whether or not I've had a bad attitude towards any member of Red County RP or Admin Team. If i had communications like this on the server with our admins and even other players, I would know my mistakes and faults, If i lagslammed someone and a admin saw it, i would like him to tell me i lagslammed him, tell me to go back to RP it. Well, i'm sorry again, Jeremy, I had a attitude to you but that's not my personality, This kid came up to me hitting my car, it sort of flipped me upside down, i got really annoyed at him and i couldn't control myself so i decided to swear at him, an admin came afterwards and further arguments started and i got banned. Please take this unban appeal in concern, I would like to get back to RC-RP.


Retired Admin
May 23, 2012
Portsmouth, England

The unban appeal was unsuccessful.
Your IP has remained banned from the server and further actions may be taken if you are caught ban evading.
A Server Admin now has every right to delete your account and they may sell your assets(house, businesses, vehicles etc.)

Reason/Details: You shouldn't have to be told when your attitude is terrible. You made disgusting, hurtful and threatening comments to a player on the server, and I am not going to stand for that whatsoever. You will not be unbanned for the foreseeable future.
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