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Denied Lawyer Job (Copying suggestions from old Forum)

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(I know a certain few of you have seen this before, but I'd like to open it to all the others for discussion)

Not only would this be a rather amusing in-game job, but it would have one hell of an IC impact in court forums. Especially if we were to have a Judge who could sign warrants.

Lawyer would be the most Role-play oriented job a civilian can have. To hell with drugs, guns, cars, girls, money, lives of your own... A good lawyer should have none of these. But you should be damn good at turning a word against someone.

You would have these commands:
/warrants (View wanted criminals and why they are wanted [if data is available])
/cases (View jailed criminals and their time left and their bail amount and why they were jailed)
/defend (Reduce wanted level on a wanted criminal by 1(or 2) per upgrade for job [1 -1(-2), 2 -2(-4), etc])
/free (Pay 50$ to reduce a criminal's time spent in jail by 2 minutes per upgrade [1 -2, 2 -4, etc])
/protect (Hide protected player from any other player using /find and emergency beacons, costs 200$ + 100$ per wanted level)
/retain (Protects from being tied, handcuffed, etc for a brief time [Allows for time to RP] time increases per upgrade)
/duty (Displays global message letting the server know a Public Defender is online and available)*
/client (Removes ability for another lawyer to use commands on your client while you have your RP chat with the fellow. Used in combination with /protect should give the Lawyer ample opportunity to RP before using /defend themselves)
/evidence (If, during the RP, one comes up with irrefutable evidence of one's guilt: ability to add a Lawyer based wanted level. It should be obvious it was Lawyer induced and cops should take into account WHY that wanted level was given.)
/allclear (Ability to remove protection)

Its up to the lawyer to pick his clients, it can be a very dangerous job dealing with criminals. The lawyer must also realize that depending on their client's crime and how much they cooperate with the police, they may also be charged for obstruction of justice and/or become an accessory in the said crime!

If a lawyer were to talk to someone in their cell, the police would have the right to refuse entry, but a good lawyer would know how to properly use the law to get in anyways!

  • * This option is only for people who do not wish to practice privately. They would be open to the public for calls.
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