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[Kemp] Santiago_Suares Unban Appeal

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Bronze Member
May 11, 2014
United Kingdom, London
Master Account: Thuglife
IG Name: Santiago_Suares
IG Level: 3
Admin who banned you: Kemp
Reason for ban: 'Fix your attitude and post a ban appeal'
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): no
Admit to offense? (yes/no): yes
Other comments: Well, i'm really sorry for my attitude and everything i've did to you... I don't care if my assets were deleted or anything like that, I understood the actual meaning of Roleplay, and it's Red County... It goes boring without this server and i may have made a mistake which i've been banned for over 11 months and i regret speaking to you like that, i shall understand my place and not speak to any administrator like that again... My mind has been cleared and i shall forget about my past. I was quite angry whilst posting my ban appeal and it didn't sound anything like me, i hope you can change your mind because i don't want to get banned for idiotic things any more. Like last time i lied for a namechange which i regret too... Life's full of mistakes and i hope you will understand me Kemp, this won't be repeated.


Retired Admin
Mar 31, 2013
United Kingdom

The unban appeal was successful!
Your IP [has been / will be] unbanned from the server so you can connect and play again.

Reason/Details: You've promised me that it won't be repeated, and I'll take your word on that. I appreciate that you're apologetic, just ensure that it doesn't happen again please.
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