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judah harvey-the epic tale of one's adventures through the magical belt

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Jan 10, 2010
IC Name: Many moons ago, I believe my name was something very Jewish... but a lot less jewey sounding.
IC Level: The belt's monitor read 2, I don't know what that number means.
Admin who banned you: I saw a swift gust of wind, and then a man named Alexander appeared before me, striking me in the side with a mighty hammer.
Reason for ban: Twas a fortnight ago that a mighty wizard by the name of Crabpuss had given me a mystical belt wielding the powers of teleportation and flight. Ignorant of the belt's powers, I cursed them, desiring to banish them from anyone foolish enough to use them unwisely. Temptation took me, and I placed the belt around my waist, when I was suddenly teleported into the interior of an ambulance on patrol, I was promptly throw out to find I was floating in midair. Taking advantage of the situation I flew up, above Dillimore. It was there where I had my conflict with Alexander himself, he was quick to hit me with the hammer of banishment.
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): I cannot be sure, I received a concussion upon hitting the ground.
Admit to offense? (yes/no): I take full responsibility for the temptation of the one belt.
Other comments: p rad broski


Pretty epic request if you ask me.

He made his point, though.

Unban him for his unknown quest of administration enlightenment was completed, and you will hopefully continue to actually use the banishment command.
Not open for further replies.