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Joshua Lindenberg Nave

Josh Nave

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Jul 6, 2014
Southeast Asia
> Joshua Lindenberg Nave was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He has a German mother, while his father was American, her mother left him when he was still 2, Joshua had no idea and neither he didn't know that her mother left him that way. Joshua grew up with his father in Germany, and usually speaks in German and slightly in english. When he turned into 3, he kept asking where her mother is. "She is dead." her father lied. "What? why?". Josh sadly said. His father remained silent and continued doing his job.

> Joshua then turned into 5, and again asked where her mother is. "Father, father. Where is my mother? Is she really dead?". Josh said. "Actually she isn't, um. She left us when you were still 2." His father replied. Josh then remained silent and walked towards his room. Josh was so angry that time.

> After 10 years, Josh decided to leave his father due to anger, he packed all of his things and went to another city in Germany, after a year, he decided to go back to his hometown in Frankfurt, he saw his father on his own house, very thin and malnourished, dying, laying on the ground. His father looked at him, with tears over his father's eyes, then after some seconds, his father died. "FATHER!" Josh yelled. Josh realized that he should've not wasted a year with his father.