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Joseph Oldrin


Jun 9, 2014

Full Name: Joseph Brad Oldrin
Date of Birth: 17/6/1983
Nationality: American
Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish
Home Town: Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Ex-FBI Agent ((Will become one again if I get accepted))

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 1,82cm
Weight: 78kg

Marital Status: Divorced
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Children: A daughter

Short Story

Joseph Oldrin, or Brad, that's how his father called him, he was born in Canada, Ontario. As a kid he always liked James Bond movies, which later inspired him to join the Academy. Brad was a normal kid who liked to play football together with his friends, riding his bicycle everyday, long walks in the forest behind his home and such funny things that little kids like. His first adventure started when he got lost in the forest and a cop saved him from there and brought him back to his home, after waiting few hours in the department, he saw lots of interesting things and started to gain interest in the police job. At his eighteen he moved to Québec and joined the Academy, he had to learn French which was the most difficult thing in his life, but he did it very well. After training and learning five years, full of enthusiasm and excitement he finally became a cop, officially. His family was pretty much proud of his work but sad that he had to stay in Québec for his job, after two years his father retired from his job and decided to move to Palomino Creek with his wife, Brad joined them in their way to Palomino Creek and left his job in Québec. New life in Palomino was a challenge to Brad, being unemployed and his family's pressure started to depress him so he sent a letter to join Red County's Sheriff's Department, and attached the letter on the application board inside the department. A few weeks of impatient waiting he finally got a response and joined the department, he slowly got used to his new job and got promoted to the rank of Deputy Sheriff I, getting promotion was hard but when you get the first, the other ones come like river, after that he got promoted to Deputy Sheriff III and earned his new badge as CIU Detective to work with Detective Lieutenant Tour, he was a good detective, and he was happy which was the most important, but the family problems never ended, he had to move back to Québec and meet a girl, who he had left pregnant, the girl was called Judy, she gave birth to a beautiful girl, even if Brad wasn't happy with Judy, he learned that a one night mistake can ruin your life, he accepted to pay monthly money to Judy so she could raise their baby and returned back to Palomino Creek, after totally moving there to a new house and furnishing it, he met an old friend from Sheriff's Department, the FBI Director, who offered Joseph something that he couldn't deny, he invited him to FBI.