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May 16, 2019
Tbilisi, Georgia

The Jokers Motorcycle Club, commonly referred to as "JMC" is a traditional American motorcycle club, with its roots stemming from Red County, San Andreas. The club was formed by Thomas Gray, his brother and some family friends in Dillimore, 1995 but has since expanded with a second chapter in Redding, California.

Like all clubs, the Jokers were formed out of a love for motorcycles, but above all, to create a feeling of belonging and camaraderie for its misfit members, who at the time did not feel that they fit into the norms of society. Its members strictly ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles and are identifiable by their three-piece back patch, green & purple colours and a large skull insignia - wearing a triad clown hat and make-up. It has also been documented that members of the Jokers have sported clown face-paint and make-up whilst riding together to events. This is believed to be an old club tradition and pays tribute to their name and insignia.

The Jokers MC is considered to be a criminal organisation by the United States Department of Justice. Its members have had a history for violence and involvement in crimes such as extortion, drug trafficking and arms trafficking. The organisation has been labelled as a "gang" by many Red County residents.

Whilst our aim is to portray a realistic American outlaw motorcycle club, the Jokers Motorcycle Club remains 100% fictional. If you have any criticism or constructive feedback please refrain from posting on our thread and instead private message myself or asianviking. If you are interested in joining our faction we highly encourage you to create a character and seek us out ICly rather than contact us OOCly
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