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Jhonny Walker - suicide .


This was a normal day , today , 15th April , 1993. , but , Mr. Jhonny Walker , an fair man , hard working , commited a suicide , by dumping himself in the river with his Stallion . The San Andreas State Troopers have discovered the body , and there was only one person , Felix G. , he saw him last... Then , Jhonny quit the El Vatos , he was never arrested , he did not do much there , but he had quit the team , gave his weapons to Felix , before going to the river just near Fort Carson , and dumping himself ... The SAST have no comments for us , so we shall not bother with it ...
This was News Reporter Sallieri LIVE at the horrifying sceene , just west of Fort Carson , in Bone County , SA .

(( My new name is Thomas Angelo ))