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James Campbell | SANews Application

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Nov 29, 2013
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This is the first stage for someone who is interested within becoming a member of the SANews Network. It's a fairly simple question-based application which explain everything you will need to know in order to become a member of the SANews Network. Once and if you pass the application, you will be moved onto an interview stage, which you will have in person with a member of Management. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact a member to ensure you have only the clearest understanding of what to do in order to pass.

Section I - Personal Information.
This section will contain details regarding you as a person and simple facts and key information so we know as much as possible about you.​

Full Legal Name:james David Campbell
Date of Birth:20th of May, 1986
Address:Montgomery Trailer ((Noobspawn))

Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Single

Section II - Education and Past Experiences.
Here, you will need to state what type of Education you have had - Regardless of the qualifications we want you to list them all. In addition to the following, you are asked to state all you previous experiences regarding reporting or writing in anyway, shape or form possible.​

Primary Education:Red County Primary
Secondary Education:Red County Secondary
High School:Red County High
College Studies:Journalism, Photography, Psychology
University:University of Red County
Degree/PhD/Other Qualifications Obtained:Bachelors

Have you ever been previously hired as an reporter?:No
Have you ever applied for the SANews Network in the past?:No
List any previous or current employments:N/A

Section III - Miscellaneous.
This section will go into more detail on why you wish to follow this career path; it will also contain questions regarding your reasoning for wanting to join the SANews Network in the first place.​

Why do you want to join the SANews Network? (50 words):I would like to join SANews because I think it will be an interesting experience for myself. Also because I studied for this job while in college, taking journalism and photography. I like to do reports on things and love taking pictures of things. So I think that it will be a fun thing and I’ll meet many new people.

Why should you be hired over someone else? (50 words):I should be hired over others because I have the determination and the love that it takes. I spent all my time in college to learn for this career field and I will not let it fall short, so I will do anything that I have to, to be able to be a better reporter than others.

Do you have a criminal record? If yes, please state in further detail:I have had some incidents in the past, but they won't happen again. ((It was under another name my crimes.))

Section IV - Out of Character.
The last section is totally out of character, and therefore all of the questions are OOC therefore you are expected to answer them all OOC'ly. You don't need to answer the first three questions if you really don't want too.​

IG Level:16
GMT/Timezone:GMT -6
Administrative Record:

Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed?:Yes
Do you have a working microphone?:Yes

Rate your skill of Roleplay'ing from 1-10?:9
Why did you choose that level of skill?:Because I feel that there is always room for improvement.

Are you familiar with the how reporting works within the US?:Yes
Other Information/Notes:



Jul 26, 2013
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Application Reviewal.
We're happy to inform you that a member of SANews' Management team have reviewed your current application for us, however they have found some minor errors upon the application and therefore placed it on pending.
You will have forty-eight (48) hours to revise through your application and find any errors that it may have before the Management team check it once again. Currently, the following noticeable errors have been found:
- Please review all the questions requiring a lengthy answer and put more effort into them.;
- The details that you have given us about your character and education also lack effort and thought.

If you have any issues with this, feel free to contact the member of the Management team whom has reviewed your application.

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