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Jacob_Underpants story... (not done yet)

Jan 8, 2010
Jacob_Underpants story...

*you find a mysterious book on the ground*
*You pick it up and start to read*

*you see the title: My history, I must never forget!*

Jacob*date is destroyed and not possible to read*
*first 5 pages are too hard to read so you start at page 6*

As I told you before my dad got fired from the pay 'n spray in SF because he was a hippie.
We left SF and went to flint county, it wasnt safe in SF anymore.
The bus finally stopped this was our new home!
Me and my family walked out the bus,
it wasnt a big house but we were happy with it.

Within a few years my dad found some other Hippies that offered him a job, this made him really happy since we were almost bankrupt.
He told us he worked at a farm harvesting vegetables all day long, this was just enough to survive the hard times we had.
when I became bigger my dad bought me to the farm, that day he told me what he was truly doing at that farm. he wasnt farming vegetables, and now I knew why he always had red eyes when he came home every evening. He was farming drugs! Apparently my mom knew it, since I told her and she didnt look suprised.

A few years later my dad told me to come with the Tractor and meet his friends. When I met them they asked me to join, which I did. Since it would make us able to live better. In a few weeks they tought me how to harvest drugs, how to plant them, and how awesome it is to be high during work.
Soon I knew everything about drugs, it was the 21 of February, my birthday, they took me with them on a deal, I was SO happy since I started to earn ALOT more!

Years passed, and my dad became ill, he had too much pain, I worked as hard as I could to pay the hospital bills, but one day when I came home.
One of his friends was standing next to my mom, she was crying and he tried to calm her down. I knew what happened, dad was no more. I would take care of my mom from now on.
I had some hard times but I could earn enough and I slowly seemed to recover from my sadness.
I didnt have to worry anymore I made a HUGE deal, I earned so much we were Millionairs now!
Too bad my mom was too old, she went back to her birthplace since she wanted to die there: Liberty City the city of freedom.

I was alone from now on.
I had some really nice years as Millionair/drug dealer/farmer.
Until the police found the big drug farm, it was the day I was off to go to my moms Funeral since she died. The police killed every dealer, I was the only one left, I couldnt stay there taking the risk to be caught by the police. I left to Los Santos and bought a nice house there, Mullholland way 14.
I didnt have a job so I worked a few years doing little jobs for people, and killed my time with fishing.

Until I met a man named: Firefly ((his real name is classified)) He told me he was a hippie like me.
And he introduced me to his friend Alex_Mclovin, and told me about the Dillimore Bastard.
We slowly started to deal around and I became a Flowerseed the lowest rank in his new Hippie gang and we made great trips with: The Hippie camper.
A few days later I got promoted to: Dude.
At a day when visiting Bonecounty with The firefly, I made my first big deal as a member of the green leaves.
That same day me and a new Flowerseed earned around 5000$ because we had some nice deals that day.
This was also the day I could finally feel a Hippie again, cause of the great Weed we had.
A few days later, when riding the Hippie van with Firefly,Flowerseed, and a Future Flowerseed.
We found a nice farm, where nobody lived, this was Perfect as a Headquerter for the Green Leaves! ((story doesnt go any further until we will become official))

Will be continued