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Inventory System

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Jan 28, 2017
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Inventory System

Development OverviewFeature Name: Inventory System
Script Author(s): TommyB
Documentation By: Thekillergreece
Special Thanks: Prixi (Original author)
Feature Version: RCRP 3.0


Red County Roleplay 3.0 was one of the biggest updates in RCRP history, it brought many new features to the table such as the brand new inventory system. The pre-3.0 inventory system was mostly command based and barely any user-interfaces, once 3.0 was released this was changed. The new and improved 3.0 inventory system made inventory commands, history, almost everything was turned into a user interface. There still is a simple few commands which differ with each inventory, be it vehicle, person, house or maybe even business inventory. The biggest change with this inventory update is that you can store almost every virtual item but before it was limited to mainly only guns and drugs.

Core Features
Personal Inventory
Every player has their own individual inventory, this can be accessed by using /inventory (/inv). Once the command is executed, the player is met with a UI that lists almost every single script-wise item that is on them. Everything from their armor to a simple fishing permit can be seen inside of a persons inventory. A player can receive items from another player, they can also give items to another player via the /give command. This command allows any player to give any of the items they can see in their inventory to another player. A player can also drop weapons from their inventory, via /drop. This will create a object of the weapon on the dropped surface, along with a textdraw for the players who are very close to the weapon. To pick the weapon back up, you have to crouch over it and press Left ALT.

Players can also drop most of the script-wise items such as fishing permit, pipe, calculator and so on. Drugs can also be dropped on the ground as well. Kevlars cannot be dropped in any way. Phones and clothes can be dropped as well.

House/Business Inventory
The house/business inventory works almost the exact same as the personal inventory, the exception being that you can store and take items from a house/business inventory. There is also a few new commands that come into the equation whilst trying to use a house/business inventory. These commands being;
/houseget > Get an item from a house inventory.
/housestore > Store an item inside of a house inventory.
/bizzget > Get an item from a business inventory.
/bizzstore > Store an item inside of a business inventory.

Very like the personal inventory system, each of the above commands opens a UI when executed. When storing an item, it'll display the players inventory. When taking an item, it'll display the house/business inventory. Kevlars can be stored.

Motel Inventory
Motels now have full storage capabilities. Weapons, armor, phones and inventory items can now be stored in them via /motelstore and /motelget. All motel items will be wiped when a player's stay ends.

Vehicle Inventory/Trunk System
The vehicle inventory, also known as the trunk system works almost exactly the same as the house/business inventory. Just with a new command, that command being /trunk. When a player types /trunk, they'll be greeted with a list of trunk commands, them commands being;
/trunk open > To open the trunk.
/trunk close > To close the trunk.
/trunk get > To get an item from the trunk.
/trunk store > To store an item in the trunk.

Other than the new command, the functionality of the system is the exact same as the house/business inventory. When a player uses the command to store an item, it'll display their person inventory and they will be able to select an item to store. When a player uses the command to get an item from the trunk, it'll display the trunks inventory, where they can then select an item to take from the trunk. Kevlars can be stored.

Faction Locker System
An official faction request access to a faction locker, which allows the specific faction members to store weapons inside of a locker. The main command for this system is /locker. When the command is executed, it will display a various few options for the player. The options being; store/take/view. There is also a few more commands for this system, but these commands can only be used by the faction leader. These commands are /setlockerpos, /setlockerrank. A further description into the function of these commands can be seen below.

Related Commands
  • Personal Inventory Commands
    • /inventory (/inv) - Opens the players inventory.
    • /give- Allows a player to give another player an item from their inventory.
      • [USAGE] /give [ID] [item name (from /inv, use an underscore (_) instead of spaces)/weapon/phone] [Optional: quantity/weapon name])
    • /frisk- Allows a player to frisk another player. This displays player A's inventory for player B.
      • [USAGE] /frisk [ID]
    • /drop- Allows a player to drop a weapon, item, phone and/or clothes.
      • [USAGE] /drop weapon
  • House/Business Commands
    • /house(/bizz)view - Opens the house/business inventory for the player.
    • /house(/bizz)get - Allows a player to take an item from the house/business inventory.
    • /house(/bizz)store - Allows a player to store an item inside of the house/business inventory.
    • /house(/bizz)frisk - Allows another player to frisk a players house/business inventory.
  • Motel Commands
    • /motelview - Opens the motel inventory for the player.
    • /motelget - Allows a player to take an item from the motel inventory.
    • /motelstore - Allows a player to store an item inside of the motel inventory.
  • Faction Locker Commands
    • /locker- Gives the player various options.
      • [USAGE] /locker [store/take/view]
    • /setlockerpos - Allows a faction leader to set the position of the faction locker. It will change the position to the location of the player.
    • /setlockerrank - Allows a faction leader to set the rank which can take items from the locker.
  • Police Command(s)
    • /take- Allows a member of a police faction to take an item from a players inventory.
      • [USAGE] /take [ID] [weapon/peyote/shrooms/heroin/weed/hcocaine/mcocaine/lcocaine/hcrack/mcrack/lcrack] [amount (if required)]

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