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[INFO] Supreme Court of San Andreas

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Nov 19, 2019

San Andreas Supreme Court
Public Information

The Supreme Court is the highest state court in San Andreas. Its opinion holds the highest judicial value within the state. The Supreme Court usually presides when it is necessary to interpret state or federal legislation, or the Constitution.
In San Andreas, the Chief Justice presides over the matter, backed up by a judicial review panel formed by the Associate Justice(s) and select few other judges. A simple majority vote is often needed to resolve a matter. As with the Appellate Court, the Supreme Court is not a trier of fact but merely reviews judicial procedure and weighs the lower courts' judgement against the Constitution and other stature. Hence, it cannot overturn a jury verdict but may use other tools to dismiss a case or provide remedies.

The Supreme Court does not accept cases directly. Cases must ascend from the Trial Court through the Appellate Court before they can be considered for Supreme Court ruling - the only exception is if a petition is made for the Supreme Justices to review an act or law that they believe is unconstitutional. Very few Appellate Court cases will actually be admitted to for review here, but those that do will often argue about the meaning of a law and whether it applies to a certain situation, or whether an act is constitutional or not. Sometimes appeals may raise big questions about procedure as well.

There is no statute of limitations for raising an appeal to the San Andreas Supreme Court. However, as with every matter, raising it as quickly as possible can only be beneficial.

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