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[INFO] Requesting a server tour on Red County Roleplay

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Dec 4, 2010



The helper team at Red County Roleplay understand that upon joining the server, the multitude of features and variety of different locations can be perceived as slightly disconcerting. However, if you have any queries or any concerns - you should contact the relevant staff member, whether it's a helper or an administrator.

If you are a new player to the server, you can request a server tour. A server tour is issued to players who are new and inquisitive about RCRP. It's performed by a knowledgeable helper (or an administrator) who will often show players the following:

  • Important businesses and key locations.
  • The five major locations of RCRP (Montgomery, Palomino Creek, Dillimore, Blueberry and Fort Carson.)
  • Explain side jobs and jobs, as well as show players locations where they can be found.
  • Explain the variety of factions RCRP offers and where the HQ's are (e.g. Bone County Prison, Axiom HQ).
  • ..answer any other queries or concerns you have.

Our aim is to make players feel more welcome into our community and I believe that players will feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing they're competent with the script and that they always have somebody to turn to if they have any questions or concerns. Once again, if you have any questions you can always private message a helper, make a topic in the Help Section (which is directed at all community members), or make an assistance in-game which is aimed at helpers and administrators.

In order to get an RCRP tour, please make an /assistance in-game and a Helper will respond. The tour will grant you permission to go OOC, but if this is abused then players will be punished for abusing it. You are not to disturb anybody's roleplay during the tour, you are to act inconspicuous.

To conclude, we would like to welcome you to RCRP and we hope you enjoy yourself here! :cowboy:

Best regards,
Red County Roleplay Helper Team

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