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Jul 24, 2013
Incognito is a contract agency that tends to keep it's identity secretive, apart from a few select people that need to know, or need something done, yet the true nature is not revealed to anyone than the members of the agency. It keeps it's work underground, and every bit of evidence, files, etc are kept protected.

Used to keep in touch between hitmen and handlers alike, usually during a given assignment.


Used to access database, to attain information on assignments, to receive and send files. Database works via specially designed software, requiring a special registration.


Suppressors come in various sizes, and are used to silence gun fire. They may be optionally used by a hitman for less noise and to perform an assignment silently.


Scopes are used on rifles, mainly, to keep steady and long aim.

Fiber Wire

Fiber or Garrote wire is used for a silent take out during assignments. It is one of the most silent techniques used by a hitman to perform an assignment.


Binoculars are used to view something from a distance. Alternatively, scopes are sometimes used, but most of the time binoculars are a good way to completely scope out the area. ((cameras are RPly binoculars. I recommend the binoculars mod:
Credits: http://toast-zone.blogspot.com/2011/07/ ... html))​

Gobernador - The head of the agency. Everything said by the gobernador goes. A gobernador controls the entire database, overlooks assignments given by handlers, and gives important assignments at points. He is rarely to be met in person by anyone than handlers. The gobernador may undertake a critically important objective in certain cases.
Handler - A handler plays a very important role. Handlers give out contracts to hitmen, and maintain and take care of the agency. They rarely undertake contract assignments, unless it is critical or very important. Handlers are met only of important occasions, and are not to be met without reason.

There are certain sub-ranks that are OOCly Handler ranks. They do not exactly have authority over lower ranks than them, but they play a very special role.
Informer - An informer gathers information, eavesdrops on various talks and turns it in to either handlers, hitmen, or the governor himself. There is usually only one Informer in the whole agency.

Arms Dealer - An Arms Dealer provides all the equipment and gear needed for a hitman, usually for a price, either paid by the Hitman or funded by the Governor or Handlers. He is part of the agency, and is usually expected to get any weapon granted that isn't a government weapon. There is only one arms dealer in the whole agency, without exception.

Special Operations Division
Militar - A high-ranked Special Operations soldier, usually given leadership amongst Grunts. A militar usually gives orders to Grunts, but participates in an operation directly as well.
Grunt - A lower ranked Special Operations soldier who participates in most of these operations. Expected to handle any weapon given well, and act professional, as well as discreet.

Hitman Division
Asesino - An Asesino is usually an extremely skilled Hitman, fully trained, capable of always working alone, with no doubts or questions, being extremely silent, professional, and making no mistakes. They are considered as very important, and are sent on more harder assignments, generally those that require a lot of investigation on their own.
Sicario - A Sicario is a professional, and ready to work alone. He is capable, skilled, and experienced, and has his own techniques of undergoing an assignment. He is to rarely meet a handler face-to-face from this moment, and has to know his ways around.

Triggerman - A Triggerman is a fresh Hitman who has finished training, and still may have a bit of flaws or does not yet have sufficient experience. Triggermen are, however, well trained, but usually only assist in certain assignments, although they are given sole assignments that they work alone on. They are on their path to either the Spec. Ops division, or the Hitman division.
Bisoño - A newcomer, a hitman in training. Handlers take care and watch Bisoños, as well as train them to become professionals.​

1.One is not to reveal the existence of the agency, unless with absolute approval of a handler or gobernador.
2.Betrayal will not be taken lightly. Traitors will be dealt with.
3.One is to always listen to a handler, or the gobernador.
4.One must fulfill a request given.
5.One must fulfill an assignment assigned.
6.Private database is off-limits to anyone outside.
7.Respect must be given at all times.
8.Actions are never to be done without a handler's or the gobernador's approval.
9.Never bring private life into business, or vice-versa.
10.Once you're in, you don't go out without approval.
11.Accept punishement and warnings.​
1.When you join as a Rank Two, you automatically accept CK. (Rank One will only be Player-Killed in case of need, making you forget anything you had with any members of the faction or the faction itself.)
2.Try to keep things strictly IC.
3.Ideas are always welcome.
4.Do not beg for a rank.​


http://www.mediafire.com/download/76e7x ... inpack.rar
Although not mandatory, but I recommend for every person that is joining/rping with the faction. Contains 6 skins, credits included in the file. Also keep in mind you aren't limited to these skins.​
Q: How does one make an order of a hit IC?
A: You first have to find the organization, either via contacts or a members trust. You may place a hit, which is all COMPLETELY IC, including evidence, descriptions, etc. The more evidence you provide, the better. You state a price for it to be done, and negotiations will follow. The assignment's worth will drop, the less difficult it may seem, and the more evidence is provided. Usually the person's placed price is the one that will follow up as payment.
Q: How does one join?
A: The joining will require you to join Tiger's Postals, and have yourself developed in the faction. You will be maintained ICly, and when your chance comes, you'll be given an option.
Q: What is this 'database' and how will it work?
A: Basically, a software was created ICly for the Governor of the faction. With registration, the software may be accessed via the laptops provided, as it is installed on them. The software requires special indetification. Registration will be given ICly. The database will contain certain info that will be told to you. You will be told OOCly what you can find there ICly, to improve roleplay depth of figuring certain things out. Certain briefings, evidence, etc. will be sent through the software, which will work OOCly as PMs.
Q: Wasn't there already an official faction?
A: Indeed. Though permission was granted for this faction to be set up, and I felt a desire to do so.

Any more questions, feel free to PM me or Tiger.​


Jan 25, 2011
By the way, we've had RP with this already as we've been RPing a bit for the best 2 weeks. I've got some screens and we have 4 members.


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Feb 13, 2013
I like a lot the fact that the hits are done only IC and people have to provide actual evidence about the ones they want killed. Very nice and good luck guys. :thumbup:


Jul 24, 2013
Sandman said:
Question, What is the difference between this faction and the Official one?
Escaper pretty much mentioned the main point. You have to provide evidence for hits and it's completely IC. I have no idea how the current hitman work now, but the past had /contract, and this faction is alot different from the previous official one, although I'm sure /contract no longer exists. Hope that clears it up.

As for everyone else so far, thank you for the feedback.
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