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Jan 6, 2010
Maryville, Tennessee
YOU WILL READ THIS ALL! No tl;dr bull shit! And I will delete posts which points that you didn't read this!


Well, since my admin has been suspended and I can't do anything on the server, I will be taking this time to persue other interests.
The reason being, I am currently sick, I am only taking in 54% of recommended oxygen intake... (Which explains my irritation on TS and why I get hostile toward people, Mark Setter for one, but if I don't want to get off the computer, I ain't...)

I will still check the forums, and sometimes get on the server to make sure everything is okay, but the reason I am going to be so inactive is so I can do other things instead of worry about the server as Alec seems to have everything under control... (Do not poke me on TS about server issues, I really don't care, and I can't do anything.) I know of some others who will be In-Active as well persuing the same interests as I.

My point being, I notice a lot of people getting angry with me, even though I state shit in /psa about the current events and etc, but they still get so pissed off that they say they are quiting the server, inyet they just come back. I don't cause a lot of people to leave, and I have got them back many of times, Decoy for one, as he is a good friend. (We all know Yass rages, and when he rages, everyone rages. He knows how Aperture works as he is an Aperture Agent part time, but thats another issue...)

If I do leave the server, which is unlikely, even if I persue other interests, I would want Aperture removed completely.
Reason? Well, it's my faction, I made it with my own original ideas and how it's ment to be, it's still mine even if I leave, but I am not leaving.

I enjoyed playing with a lot of you, and you know who you are. This is not a "Good Bye I am leaving the server because I haz no admin," it's a Good Bye for a bit since I can't do anything and I am sick.
Also, about power abuse, let me just add, to those cops who /store their fucking Spas and M4 in their god damn house, and fucking sell them, thats abusing... (Or storing them in your lockers in-case you get fired...)

And onto my rants: To those noobs that can't honestly figure anything out, you annoy me on a daily basis...
-Those who trespass on Aperture Base, and when you get killed you claim DM and shit...
-PM/Poking me in TS when I am busy elsewhere.
-People invading the Furry Palace on TS.
-People who disrespect me on a daily basis on the server.
-People who claim Aperture is a DM faction.
-People who claim Aperture is from PORTAL, it is NOT! The name was, among other companys.
-People who make constant Jew jokes (ties into disrespect.)
-People who contridict me every fucking day.
-Cops who disrespect Aperture on a daily basis.
-Cops who challange/instigate a war against Aperture (Not Aston...)
-Noobs abusing /padvert.
-Claiming this server is a Half Life Roleplay mock (Dear lord you people irritate me.)
-Mark Setter, let me explain this, when he has power, I just want to ban him. Reason? Well he is a smart ass... Sorry to say Mark, but if you did get Admin/Mod on the server, I know A LOT of people who will leave... You kicked people/admins from TeamSpeak when they Irritated/Kicked you from the server. I know all the storys, and I don't care how nice you are when Alec is on, but I know Alec is unaware what you do when he is not on. Other times you are okay... But my main point is, just because I do not have admin on the server, I am still a Co-Founder and you will respect me as fucking such.
-Random Noobs, main point, /help will solve 99% of the problems you PM me... Using /o to report fucking hackers. Using other forms of Global chat so you can talk to your buddys and ruin my RP. PMing me bitching about /o, /n, and etc being disabled. PMing me about your damn Bizzes/Houses/Cars. Asking for admin. Breaking rules specified in the Tutorial. Hackers. OOC/IC mixers. OOC/IC mixers who come back and bitch at me for getting kicked. Shall I go on?
-People who hated James Little, and I am not saying I HATE you, I am just saying you annoyed me when you made him fucking leave.
That man followed every fucking rule I gave him, I watched him remotely from Alt accounts... He jailed/kicked non RP drivers, he RPed accordingly... His only downfall was his eye sight which you people fucking mocked him about! (Josh Bauer...)

These are my main problems I deal with every fucking day... Most of our admins left... You see, I am just tired of constant bullshit and I am in no fucking noob to deal with it again for a while, and without admin, this gives me a damn perfect chance.


RC-RP was awesome at first, I admit, we were living a dream. "Now it's fucking Middle Schoo Drama" (quote - Lee Chan.)
I will leave Lee Chan is charge of Aperture as he is my second in command, but I am still the CEO/Founder, and should be treated as such in Forum Topics based on Aperture, this is just a node to new Recruits.

I will still get on TS, The forum, and The server to check on things daily.

- Admin/Co-Founder of RC-RP, Dr. Ian R. Birnbaum.

P.S. Topics posted like "Fuck you Ian" will result in a ban, as I still can access remote RCON and it is admin slander. If Alec revokes my access, well I will get another admin to ban you... I am sorry but I am still a Co-Founder and that is slander.


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Feb 17, 2010
Why did Alec revoke your admin?

Anyway, hope you'll be well soon.

Take good care Ian.