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Identity Thief Leaves Victim In $80,000 Debt | County Press


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Oct 21, 2017

Identity Thief Leaves Victim In $80,000 Debt

By Ronald Fowler • Editor Lyanna Maxwell
Published 19th June, 2019

A suspicious man paid a visit to the Fort Carson Bank during last week's Saturday, in the late afternoon. The male submitted his supposedly "legitimate" identification, with the intent to leave the bank with an $80,000 worth of loan. Victim to this fraudulent activity, aside from the bank, is Richard Haney; resident of Fort Carson, and now in debt of a sum of money he has nothing to do with. Bone County authorities' first step in this investigation was to address some questions to the loan officer whom the as-yet unidentified perpetrator interacted with. The authorities believe they are on the right path and are closely monitoring the town.
mortgage fraud. To quickly prevent anyone from using your personal information again, place a fraud alert on your credit reports. A fraud alert notifies the lenders and creditors, letting them know they should go through multiple in verifying your identity before extending your credit. The agencies that you should contact in order to proceed as such, are the following: TransUnion, Equifax or Experian. The duration of the initial fraud alert is 90 days, but it is extendable under a small fee.
An alternative to a fraud alert is a security freeze, which prevents creditors whom you haven't dealt with from accessing your credit reports. Extra steps are required if you wish to apply for a new credit. In order to get a security freeze, you will have to contact each of the three agencies. The second step you will need to take consists of contacting the affected institutions. If you're aware of your credit card being stolen, contact your credit card issuer. If your debit card or checkbook was stolen instead, you will have to contact the bank. Afterwards, it is advised you create an Identity Theft Report. You can notify the Federal Trade Comission(FTC) on the internet, by phone (1-877-ID THEFT) or by mail at 600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC 20580. The completion of the Identity Theft Report is a police report. Report the theft at any law enforcement office and ensure you have a copy of the police report. If you suspect a compromise of your social security Number, contact the Social Security Administration at (800-269-0271) and the Internal Revenue Service (800-829-0433).

The measures you need to take are not limited to the above. You might have to undergo a more complex process, depending on your case; however, it is advisable to take measures beforehand. See more on identitytheft.gov

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Mar 3, 2018
Trent Peterson
fraud =/= robbery my friend. and i dont think you realize what 80.000 means. (i hope "$80" was a typo. i really, really do)
Robert Petermeyer
$80.000 is $80, you third world motherfucker. Type $80,000 if you want to say 80 thousand.

Nobody commits "fraud" for $80.