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Ian the pacifist


Hello dear Red County roleplayers,

This topic is addressed to our beloved Ian Burns, I would like to congratulate Ian Burns for his incredible effort at staying calm in front of our douchebaggery! (Not a joke). Before, Ian used to rage on the server alot, now, In 2 weeks, I only saw one time when he blew up steam, by telling me repeaditly to "STFU CORNER, TAKE YOUR BULLSHIT WITH YOU". I did not consider that as offensive, more like a "LOL" moment. :p Anyhow, I really meant to underline that you made BIG progress in not getting angry at us, and that, contrarly to people who get angry often, you are actually not getting mad for every single thing anymore, now you are only getting mad for logical things, like the DM fest at Itami's

Thanks for being a good admin again,
Michael Corner (and hopefully the rest of the RCRP community)

[It's actually not a joke, all people who thought that, GTFO]


Jan 27, 2010
Yah, he didn't even ban me after I flamed the admins in the /advert after he muted me (and actually that message was over the top, still apologise for it)