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I have this radio show....


Ok, I have been on RCRP for about a month now and its nearing my birthday (besides the point)

I have this radio show on our local radio station.

At 2pm - 3pm 9 (GMT+0 London, Lisbon ECT) I have a full hour to do my "games show" where i review a few games and play a load of music.
When im on I will bring up the forum and take requests from everyone. (Shoutout's/songs/whatever)

Please listen in guys, www.brfm.co.uk @ 2pm - 3pm (GMT+0 London, Lisbon)

P.S my birthday is 27'th of Jan

P.S.S don't kick me for advertising please Alec/Ian/Other admins. I just need some publicity on radio if I am to get Presenter of the month again + if I am allowed I will advertise this server!