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I have quit due to problem with my computer. And other reasons.


Jan 11, 2010
British Columbia, Canada.
Hey guys. Sorry, I am just letting all of you know that I have quit the server, :(. My computer as most of the people on team speak heard is not working properly. I have to say that I have quit SA-MP all together, Untill I can get this fixed somehow or get a new computer. I have also realized that I have played SA-MP so much people are starting to get pissed off so I will be taking a break. And have quit RCRP. If you want to find me, Some people do know what server I have gone too. But unfortionatley, I cannot play for more then 15mins then my computer turns crappy :x . Anyway thankyou all. And I hope you all take care. It was nice knowing you guys and I hope I see you guys again. Take care and peace out.