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I am quiting RCRP


I leave(Not for ever).Reason:Study,i miss for many players. I express to all players RCRP gratitude.
Especially I wish to thank ,Kude Richardson,Brucie Kibbutz,.Skypo Feller,Falenone Daious,Jamie Cook,Rachel Hayes,Alex McLovin,Rasmus Grandel,Lex Waqqa,Erik Norell,Earl Peterson,Mikhail Izmailov,Michael Corner,Teodor Kibitoff,Medellin Escobar,Nikita Cherdenko,Yurik Cherdenko,Donnie Mariano
Who me knew thanks all.
Special thanks for all administrators.
For me there was an honour to play this server.
Happiness to you, love and patience. All bye,bye.

P.S:please Alec do not delete mine account with my cars and bizz's(and don't sell my bizz's to other people please)


Wow, this server gone to madness.

Anyway Taras, i won't say bye, i will say catch you up later.


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Jan 9, 2010
I don't get it. People say bye like if he was gonna go for evah and he says, i'll come back?