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How to use the Internet to improve your RP ( + IRL ) skill and knowledge


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Oct 12, 2017
NOTE: This is probably my first guide (heck even first thread). So please let me know/suggest any edits/mistakes in it.

While roleplaying, we sometimes need to roleplay a scenario that you never fell into in real life. It could be a mechanic repairing a door, a thief picking a door, and a guy going to a club and asking for a drink (while someone doesn't know the name of any drinks other than beer and wine, trust me, they exist). Or maybe you have 0 knowledge about how something works, like a gun or car hydraulics. How do you cope up with them? How do you skillfully RP the scenarios perfectly, being a very unique and quality RPer?
Just a /me takes out a lock picker and attempts to pick the lock. /do able? works, but it's boring and doesn't appeal. Some pro RPers already know it.
The answer is a simple website,

Required stuff:
  1. A duel monitor/a mobile with internet if you don't have a duel monitor setup.
  2. Quick google search and reading skills, knowing what to look for (You'll slowly get used to it)

Here's an example scenario that I played out a week ago.

  • Scenario one: You are a mechanic (or a thief), someone called you and asked to unlock their car for them and change their door lock since they lost their keys.
It's completely normal to not know how to unlock a locked car and change the door lock (it's abnormal if you do know xD). So where do we start?

First you open up google in your other monitor/mobile phone (i'll use the term monitor from now on to make it more convenient)
You quickly search what you want to do, in this case, you want to change a car door lock. But you also need to unlock the door without a key first. So, we search up
"How to unlock a car without key"


So we get some websites, some videos. Normally you'll want to open the first two or three results and take a glance at which is the best one. (Read more to know how you determine which one is the best.)
However, if you see there's an article about it in websites like "
LifeHacker", "WikiHow" etc. etc. Open them up and surely that is the best one,
So we open the first link in a new tab, from "LifeHacker"

Here's what's inside:
Now this is where "knowing what to look for" skill kicks in. It's a lot of unsorted text (actually it's not -_- stop complaining) You skip any introduction and any conclusion, and just read the detailed steps. Keep in mind at this time, you are stalled from the game, probably around 30 seconds, and you cannot just be afk for half an hour just to search up how you do it, cause then it's pointless and boring. So make sure you take the least amount of time possible, this will also come handy later and you'll develop the skill of reading fast.

So a quick 10 seconds read pointed out what we are looking for.
According to YouTuber assertivecrystalgg45, all you need is a door stop/wooden wedge and a long metal rod. To break in, you insert the wedge into the top part of the driver's side door until it makes a small opening. Then you can stick the long metal rod into that opening and use it to push the unlock button on the car. This works much better with electronic locks but can be done with regular locks as well.
Let's follow along:
/me walks inside the garage and takes out a wooden wedge, a long metal rod and a toolbox.
/me picks up the wooden wedge and tries to insert it into the top part of the driver's side door.
/do A small opening is made.
/me picks up the lock metal rod and sticks it into that opening.
/me uses the rod to push the unlock button in the car

/do The car is now unlocked

DISCRETION: Don't Powergame while doing that, the article also suggests that it might damage your car's door and might need denting, so make sure to roleplay those as well.

Voila! Now you get the concept, Now you need to find out how to change the door lock. Same procedures! Now we find another article by searching up "How to change a car door lock"


Nice! This article is not some garbish text, rather it lists them in points. ALWAYS try your best to find an article that has sorted list, they are the easiest ones to go through fast.

Same drill: We just read, and type

/me rolls up the window of the driver's door.
/me uses a screwdriver to unscrew and remove the window handle from the door.
/me locates all the screws on the door and takes out a Philips screwdriver.
/me uses the Philips screwdriver to unscrew all the screws on the door.
/me unscrews the screws on the armrest.
/me pulls out the door panel.
/me slowly takes out the moisture shield
/me disconnects the electrical connections.
/me uses a needle nose pliers to disconnect the door latch and removes the old door lock.
/me uses the common pliers to lift and remove the C-spring clip, releasing the door lock.
/me presses the C-Spring clip down and installs the new door lock.
/me replaces the moisture shield and puts the door panel back on, along with the screws.

/do The door lock is now changed.

Phew, that was huge, but that was interesting and super realistic.

But is it worth it?
Answer: Yes, of course.
  1. Your roleplay was amazing and it would certainly be unique and astonish other people, they probably didn't see anything of this depth before.
  2. **Character development**
  3. + You just learnt a new skill/gained at least some knowledge about something which you can use in real life. (Speaking of the whole concept, not just the above scenario)
  4. + Development of fast reading and detail typing skills
  1. If you don't have a duel monitor OR a mobile phone, you had to tab out a million times to check the website over and over
  2. Sometimes, articles are hard to find for something too uncommon or vast (Like maybe defusing a bomb which depends on multiple parameters of the scenario)

Extra Notes:
  1. Just following the steps won't guarantee it will 100% work always. It will be considered as powergaming. Normally the articles point out the possible risk outcome. Follow along those for more rp fun and to avoid powergaming. Or just use your common sense.
  2. Again, you won't be able to EVERYTHING in the world, you are not supposed to know ALL SKILLS. Don't be a pizza delivery man repairing a plane engine just by searching it up in the internet.


Aug 23, 2018
Satan Spawn
thread is great I hope new roleplayers and even old roleplayers can benefit from it since it's professionally organized and detailed.
beside of that Desmondboi you are one of my very first RCRP friends and I'm happy that our friendship lasted that long. I've roleplayed with you as many different characters and you haven't been toxic even once.


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Oct 12, 2017
So what you're saying is.. If I don't know how something works I should google it?
I do this every fucking day.
#pro_roleplayers as I mentioned

But trust me... I saw people serving cocktails in bottles and using screwdrivers to pick a lock.
This thread is made and focussed for new players in the server who should/must know the cool usage of this daily skill/tool to improve roleplays as soon as possible.


Jan 16, 2018
I really do hope people consider this. I don't know how many times I've done this, and it ended up with people being completely mind blown. Just because you don't know something OOCly, doesn't necessarily mean your character doesn't. Creativity is appreciated, and searching "on the job" is always a good idea. Nobody is perfect, but we might as well try.