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How to stop your brackets from going ├®!

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Feb 17, 2011
Well, most of you probably get this problem sometimes, and I see sometimes people struggling in game to stop it from happening. Well, now you can solve it! I've figured this out quite a while ago, and for you that know this, please don't come bashing on this, this is for the people who don't know.

1. Press and HOLD CTRL button on your keyboard.
2. Tap shift 7 times and make sure, MAKE SURE you count 7 times, if it doesn't work the first time, re-do it.

And thats it, you're punctuation on your keyboard is now back to normal!

**NOTE** You are probably worried about fucking up your keyboard with stickykeys, well it won't do that if you do it correctly, sticky-keys shouldn't pop up.
Also, this is guaranteed to work on Windows, not yet tested on a Apple computer.

Thanks, and I hope this helped any of you guys struggling with this problem, I remember how annoying it used to get!

- Adin.
Not open for further replies.