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How to Speed Up GTA SA game ((only sa))

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May 22, 2010
You found SA : MP and single player mod are laggy to much ??

If your computer is at low or minimum settings that's mean your computer is really poor to run computer games.
If your computer at a high settings and it's also lagging you have the only method to run perfectly .. Or better than the first.

You have good method to solve the game lags ... just follow this simple tip:

Press ESC >> Options >> Display Options >> Advanced >> look for frame limiter and turn it off....
Now go & see if your computer works as you like

If you found the PC works perfectly so don't play it for a long time because you can be BLIND ... LOL JK
for who still have the game is lagging that's mean : You have a poor computer or poor video card ... what ever they're helping the computer ....

You have another choices ...

Get the game booster or search for another Guides that's for Computer Speeding up
Not open for further replies.