How to RP and accident, for dummies/newbies

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Feb 9, 2011
IG Faction
THE FIRST BIT IS JUST A SUGGESTION YOU DONT HAVE TO DO IT. Hi, Ok I am new but I have roleplayed 2 or 3 accidents. First you might want to go to a bar and get some vodka or whatever. Go outside drink and hang around the town (with your friends or on your own) then you will be drunk (or you can just do /drunk whenever you want) and then walk around and stuff, say some thing like: ''Ey, How ya doin'!'' and IF you want to go in a vehicle, make sure you do /do drunk so people are aware.
Now here's the real part of the topic, do /crack or /lifejump but however the anim for /lifejump is good but he will first jump but then get on the floor.
lie on the floor and be very sick(if you drank alcohol) or just bleed/groan/etc. whatever. Then someone might run over you which will make everything worser. If you are in a consience where you can call the abmulance then do so but if you're not then someone MIGHT come and help you. When the ambulance has came they will ask things like:
/do Conious? /do visual injuries? etc...
Roleplay this for example: /do head bleeds, /do leg twisted, /me starts to slowly close eyes, /me coughs and etc...
If you are ok to be left they will help you abit and then leave, if you need more medical help they will say so and then in OOC chat they will say to get in the back of the ambulance by doing /enter. When you are in go on the bed and do /crack or /lay then just wait, until a doctor comes in and tells you to come with them or they will PM you saying do /exit. Then they will give you more health and there you are. If you have any issues with this, I am not a proffesional, I am not a medic, It's just what I did, and nothing went wrong.

P.S they will also give you some drug tests and other stuff
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