How to Roleplay Torture, Kidnapping, Assassination, Robbery

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Oct 26, 2010
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When roleplaying a torture scene, mind you you need to know the basics: EVERY person needs to be told WHATS going on that is involved OOCly. No one person can be left out, as long as they're not n00b metagammers, you'll be fine.

For example, let's say you have someone tied down. You CANNOT just go all willy knilly on them and get away with it. Remember, every ACTION has a REACTION. Every choice as a consequence. If you're going to torture someone you NEED to have their permission to do as you please with them. MAKE SURE they're comfortable with whatever you sick devious bastards decide to do.

Don't overlook any details. . . It can cost you you're life. Be patient. -- Now go and have fun!


Heh. These are pretty fun. Make sure you have every detail thought out thoroughly. Any slip-ups can cost you big-time. EMPHASIS ON THOROUGH!!!!! Once again, you NEED to let the person know you're planning on kidnapping them, OOCly of course. Make sure you both agree to it and are comfortable with the methods. The rest is fairly self-explanatory, it's a damn kidnapping.

And hey, get creative!


Okay, now THESE are some of the most hair-pulling situations to be in if everything comes un-done and things weren't thought out properly. I cannot stress enough, LET EVERY PARTY MEMBER OF THE RP KNOW OOCLY WHATS GOING ON DAMN IT!!!!!! How are you going to kill them? Is there going to be any witnesses? Are you going to have any help? Whats the purpose/drive behind this? Are you going in Guns A' Blazin' or all stealthy and covertly? -- Once again, get creative!

These are some of the most stressful situations to be in. Most people, obviously, do not want their character to be killed. So make sure an agreement as been made and compromises have been constructed. Lastly, make sure you do it in a perfect spot. Random individuals trying to get involved can really screw it all up or make inconvenient situations.

Oh, ALWAYS HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN! PLAN B! You never know. . .


These are fairly easy. Pretty self-explanatory, it's a nice thing to ask for permission for these. But it's NOT ALWAYS necessary. Do whatever method you like, but if you plan to take it ANY further than a simple, "stick em' up" typa' deal. Make sure to ask OOCly. Be professional about it. Make it fast. You never know who may be watching.

SO I HOPE THIS TUTORIAL HELPED SOME PEOPLE OUT THERE WITH THEIR ROLE PLAYING ABILITIES. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO ASK. And remember, KNOW the consequences, it's YOUR responsibility to take care of YOURSELF, and no one else. "Who do I trust? I trust myself."

- By Adam Fairfeldzor ;D
Feb 7, 2010
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Pretty nice one. It didn't really help me but I'm sure that it helps someone else. Nice work dude!
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