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[How To] Roleplay A Country/Redneck Person

Jul 24, 2016

Yello, My name is Cooper. I've seen guides on how to roleplay in the hood, a wiseguy, and even latino gangsters. You know what I haven't seen a how to guide roleplay guide on? How to roleplay a country or a redneck person and who better to give a how to on that subject then someone from the good ol' southern states of the USA who was raised in them backwoods.

Study Up:

Easy and simple, Do some research first thing. I've seen on other how to guides they will link movies for you to watch and songs to listen to get a feel for the certain type of character so I think I will take the easy path and do that as well (mostly cause I am shit at spelling/typing and making it look nice but, im trying my best damnit :thumbup: )


Now the only real redneck kinda movie I see you guys actually watchin and might even be interested in is.. The Wild and Wonderful Whites of WV. Take a look at the trailer and see if roleplayin a redneck would be fun for you.



Now hell, I could post good country songs all day to be honest (atleast to me), all sorts of country. You wouldn't believe it probably but, there are a ton of sub genres for country (outlaw country, rowdy country, country rap, country, and tons more). I will post a couple of songs that I like that mention some of the stuff that we do (even the ones that are just pure white trash songs).

Outlaw/Rowdy Country:


Country Rap:

And, even that good ol' white trash kinda music..
^Their more of a southern rock/country band but, that song is good and talks about alot of shit we do so i added it just throw a little white trash in the mix^

Now this should be the easiest things to study and list off even though most of the songs mention most of this stuff probably but, hell with it if im gonna make a how to guess i better make a how to.
  • Huntin
    Workin on cars
    Front porch sittin
    Tractor pulls
    Lawn mower derbys (guess we would need the lawn mowers added in thou eh)
    Laugh at city folk
    Making our own liquor

I could list more but, i think most of the songs say the same stuff so thats it if you need more, i can list some just ask i guess and if you dont know what something is ask or look it up.

This how to probably wasn't that good but, im bored and all i see are people roleplaying that stereotypical hillbilly goat fucking kinda stuff lol but, if anyone wants to put something different into their hillbilly/southern/country/redneck char maybe this how to will help you.


How do we speak?

Now, this one is probably gonna be the hardest thing for me to add cause honestly I was raised and born to speak this way, Every time I get on TS I shit you not I probably hear a new accent every time. Everyone I know talks like me so I guess the best and easiest way to do this is add slang and throw some videos in so you know how things are pronounced and said. So, Lets go and hopefully I don't :censored: this all up.


Hey/Hello = How you doin'?/What ya' say?/What ya' know?
You guys/women = Ya'll
Bro = Bud
Broken = Tore up
About to do = Fixin' to
Listen = I tell ya' what
Cigarettes = Smokes
Smokeless Tobacco = Dip/Chew
My girlfriend/wife = My woman
What/Huh? = Do what?
You = Ya'
Have some fun = Raise some hell
I suppose = I reckon
(Gettin' harder to think of things, Ima add some videos if i think of anything more I'll add it.)

Earl Dibbles Jr. is mostly a parody made from Granger Smith but, Its right and funny as hell so Im addin' it.

This one might be a little tougher but, If you listen to what they say and how they say it, You'll pick it up and figure out what they mean. If you don't like it, Just try to make it through just for the benefits of research.

Now, Same thing as the last one just listen to what they say and how they say it. Like when they say "the worlds gone to hell" think about it why wouldn't they just say "the worlds going to hell". If it makes sense to ya, Then you should be getting the slang easy. Sorry if I suck at explainin' this shit but, trust me Im doin' my best lol..

I'll add more soon boys.


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Feb 2, 2016
I'd like to see a paragraph on how to speak like one.


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Feb 2, 2016
CountryBoyCooper said:
Zakey said:
I'd like to see a paragraph on how to speak like one.

Just find me in TS one day.
I have a pretty British accent though (why? I am German and usually communicating with Californians)


Mar 23, 2012
I think it'd be important to stress in your guide that people from the country don't all speak like they have a mental disability like all of RCRP thinks. Plenty of "redneck" people in America just speak with a tint of southern. Being all hyperbolic with the stressed vowels when referring to southern Americans is like me being hyperbolic with outstretched and yellow teeth if I was RPing as a Brit.