How to Properly Kill Someone

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Oct 26, 2010
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How to Properly Kill Someone

Step One:

As usual with most RP, THINK this shit out thoroughly. You're going to need the participants permission if you wish to kill them off, along with a reason for doing so, be it part of an RP or what have you.

Step Two:

Make sure you have the method you're going to kill the other individual stuck in your mind so you can remember it forwards and backwards. Even then, HAVE A BACK-UP plan! And DEFINITELY make sure the participants in this RP are okay with it.

Step Three:

Now here's the most important step of them all. Once you go through with this RP and it's set and done. You CANNOT bring the character back unless talked about before-hand and some way is constructed for them to return in due time. -- Unless you plan to kill the character off FOREVER, also known as CK which stands for Character Kill. Obviously, all of you should know this one and this is a very serious part of RP.

There is NO coming back, You're dead. So there is no, "Oh he's just dead for this RP!" -- NO! He's/She is DEAD! Do not take this lightly, and DO NOT try to force this onto people. You CANNOT kill off someones character without their consent.

That's really all I have, this isn't too hard to figure out. I hope this tutorial helped some of you out!

- By A. Fairfield
- Added some of mine
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