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How to post a guide

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Head of Maps
Jan 31, 2011


How to post a guide

A guide to posting a guide.
Every player has the right to post their own guide, tutorial, or a thread consisting of tips about a certain thing related to RC:RP. However, if you're planning to post in this section, you'll have to ask yourself some questions first:

  • [*] Does a guide of the same kind already exist in this section? If yes, is it worth it to make a second one?
    [*] Am I able to provide enough informations about a certain subject to keep the guide professsional?
    [*] Am I sure that the informations I will provide are fully correct?
    [*] Am I making the thread because I'm annoyed by something that happened in-game, or do I genuinely want to help?
After you're sure that you want to post a guide - go ahead, write it. The more detailed and descriptive the guide is, the more helpful it will be. Don't post it right after you finish typing it out. Copy it into Word or any other software will a spellcheck feature, fix any typos that might appear, then add some coding, colours, make the thread look nice and clean. Remember, no one likes to read large walls of text, so add as many paragraphs as you see fit to make reading easier and more enjoyable.

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