How to INSTALL Mods.

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May 22, 2010
Welcome to the massive world of Mods for GTA San Andreas, but many people (Noobs... jk) do not know how to install these mods, Car Mods to be specific:
Tools you will need:
IMG Tool v2.0, GTA Garage Mod Manager (GGMM)
Note: Use the IMG Tool for any mods that show white models, or just don't show at all.

Step 1: Download any car mod from your favorite mod site (Google it) Then download it.

Step 2: Once downloaded, you will end up with these DFF and TXD files, open the readme file most car mods come along with.

Step 3: Open GGMM and find the car to replace, in my case, the Elegy.

Step 4: On GGMM, clicker "Installer" then Create backup for easy uninstallation in the future. Click "Manual mod Installer", and put in the Vehicles.ide and Handling info and the rest in the correct areas.

Step 5: Click Install, when finished, you should see your modified vehicle!

Not open for further replies.