How to earn money.

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Feb 13, 2011
IG Name
Brian Duffy
IG Faction
The Winter Hill
Hello. This is a guide how to earn money on Red County Roleplay.

If you are new on the server: You choose your spawn location, The most of the people choosing Montgomery Caravan. When you exit the trailer park at the enterance you will see Cabbie Co. at you left side. And turning left of the road there the trailer park is, You will see DMV there ( Read the DMV guide for more information). Take a car license, When you getting pass the test you got a car license in further. Then you can take a random car [Reg Number: RCRPXXXX]. Now the question is ''How to earn cash''.

Sweep: You can drive towards Palomino Creek, When you enter Palomino Creek from the west side you will see on your right side there its Sweep cars and a gas station. Stop there, Jump out of the car, Enter the Sweep car. Use the command /sweep and start follow the red marks you will see infront / On the minimap. The red marks will go around in Palomino Creek. When you are level 1 with sweeping you will earn around 450 - 600 dollars. You can do this every 60 minutes ( The timer only works if you are online )

Fishing: The only spot you can fish at is at Palomino Creek Bay. Just right of the red bridge ( West enterance at Palomino Creek ) you will see a bay. There is the spot you can fish. You can fish from the bay or on the reefer.

Fishing permit: 500 Dollars
Fishing rod: 150 Dollars
Fishing bait: 10 Dollars / 10 baits.

Thank you this is your Harley Howell. Thank you for reading this guide. More guides will be coming up.

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