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Apr 18, 2010

About Us_________________________________________________________________________
Since 1960, Holder Construction Company├óÔé¼Ôäós mission to provide clients with quality construction services has resulted in over 80% repeat client business. Holder is a San Andreas commercial construction services firm respected as a leader in "team approach" project delivery.

Delivering exceptional service and quality projects that add value to our client├óÔé¼Ôäós business strategy is the cornerstone on which we have built our reputation. Holder operates as "one company├óÔé¼┬Ø providing consistent services and the best quality. Our one company business strategy and focus on customer service are critical elements to our success.

Holder├óÔé¼Ôäós product mix complements the ever-changing economy. We work in both the public and private sectors and are experienced builders in the following market sectors: Corporate Headquarters, Commercial Office Buildings, Higher Education, Data and Technology Centers, Hospitality/Public Assembly, and Commercial Interiors and much more...

Our most valuable resource is our people, who carry forth Holder├óÔé¼Ôäós traditions, values, and long-standing reputation for performance. We invest the time and energy to recruit, train and develop the best talent in our industry.

Holder├óÔé¼Ôäós reputation for delivering the highest level of service in the industry is constant and is a critical element of our success. Holder associates provide comprehensive construction services for every client. Our core principle is simple "Do the kind of job that makes our clients want us to do their next project." From planning through post construction, Holder is committed to the project and the team.

Holder provides comprehensive Preconstruction Services that include estimating, scope coordination, constructibility reviews, scheduling, systems & materials options analysis, value analysis (engineering), sustainable materials and methods analysis, and trade contractor procurement. Holder has a full-time dedicated Preconstruction Department who provide support to our client's from Schematic Design to project startup. Holder's Preconstruction Services "set every project up for success."

├óÔÇö┬ÅConstruction Services
Holder provides comprehensive construction services to deliver exceptional quality. Developing our associates' builders expertise is a primary ingredient of our construction services. We place well educated, trained skilled builders on our projects who understand construction means and methods, sound management processes and procedures, and who embrace the highest standards for excellence in the industry.

├óÔÇö┬ÅBuilding Information Modeling
Holder delivers quality construction by leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools to visualize and coordinate project conditions during the planning, design, construction and building operation. Holder provides comprehensive BIM services including visualization, conflict and interference detection between building systems, scheduling and phasing coordination, streamlined work flow and site logistics, increased safety, estimating and quantity extraction, scope clarification and as-built drawings.

├óÔÇö┬ÅPlanning & Design Support
Holder Planning Support Services offers the answers to your questions in support of planning, programming, design and construction needs. Since 1960 we have served our customers in this way, providing a single-source, up-front look at budgets, schedules, sites, systems, project delivery, concepts and development options in a way that is customized to your specific need.

├óÔÇö┬ÅSafety & Risk Management
Holder's Risk Management Services are an integral part of the successful construction expertise we offer. These services aim to minimize risk and maximize value for our Clients. Our dedicated Risk Management Department focuses on Project Safety, Insurance / Bonding, Environmental Risk, and Post Construction Programs.

Why Choose Holder?___________________________________________________________________
Our business plan and our culture are focused on being the best, not the biggest, construction company.

We are proud to serve some of the most respected clients in the world. While our company is national in size and scope, we have a small company feel and caring approach. We take great pride in getting to know our associates and understanding what is important to them in their professional and their personal lives.

Commited to your success

At Holder, our most valuable resources are our people, who carry forth our traditions, values, and long-standing reputation for performance. We take pride in investing the time and energy to recruit the best talent in our industry. We recognize that our company's success is based on the success of our associates.

We feel that values are equally as important as experience and education. When we find the right individual, we have the environment, tools, and training to set them up for success.

Unique Culture

When you join our company, you become a part of a team of very talented, committed, motivated professionals who are dedicated to excellence in all they do. The foundation of our culture is the mutual respect and trust all of our associates have for each other and demonstrate each day.

Our Environment

Holder Associates are surrounded by an environment that fosters teamwork, communication, recognition, and excellence. Our performance-and team-based design provides a strong foundation to build on the education, skills, experience, and interests brought to our company by all of our Associates.

Opportunities for Growth

At Holder we have a long history of promoting from within. You will have an opportunity to grow based on performance, not the time spent in a certain position.

Training & Development___________________________________________________________________
Our training program, led by our associates, is one of the industry's best. We are committed to providing the tools, training, and support to develop our associates to their fullest.

At Holder, learning is part of what we do every day. When you join our company, you will begin a learning experience that will be a part of your professional development throughout your career. An important part of our teaching philosophy is to explain not only how to do something, but why we do things the way we do.

Focused Development Plans

Our approach to learning and development focuses on priority skills training to set you up for success; individual development plans allow you to customize your training plan to your needs.

Extensive Training Opportunities

Learning at Holder is a mix of formal classes, on-the-job learning experiences, and technology-based training. Each year we offer hundreds of hours of formal classes -- in addition to the many hours our associates spend informally, passing along "the Holder way."

Associates can participate in training in a number of areas:

├óÔÇô┬¬Construction Skills Training, which provides ongoing learning in areas such as scheduling, change management, sustainable building, close out, document control, and field quality.
├óÔÇô┬¬Management and Professional Skills Training, focused on providing leadership, communication, and management skills to our teams.
├óÔÇô┬¬Technology Skills Training, designed to help our associates work better and more effectively using the latest technology.
├óÔÇô┬¬Security and Driving Skills Training, focused on improving our associates security and driving skills using the best technology.

Beyond Construction___________________________________________________________________
At Holder Construction Company, teamwork is not just a word, it is a way of life. When we share personal time with fellow associates, it contributes to our personal and professional growth, and makes us a stronger team. Our Activities Committee plans formal and non formal meetings, sport events and charitable works that give us an opportunity to know each other in a non-work environment.

Want to join?___________________________________________________________________
Holder Construction is always looking for new employees, so if you want to join our team, fill the following application and send it to our e-mail. Your application will be reviewed by our Recruitment Center and you'll receive an answer in your address in 1 to 3 days. If you get accepted, you will be submitted to a few tests, so we can see your capability and if we find out you're good enough, you will be working full time with us. If you get denied, you can apply in 1 week.

Personal Information_____________________________________________________
Full Name:
Birth date:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Criminal Record:

Education Information_______________________________________________________
Please list your most recent education or choose your most impressive educational achievement if you have obtained more than one degree or diploma.


Employment Information_______________________________________________________
Current employment:
Are you satisfied with your current employment?

[OOC] Out Of Character Information________________________________________________
Hours online daily:
SA-MP RP Experience:
Can you speak English clearly?
Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone?

Other Comments:
[OOC Note: The application MUST be sent to me by a forum private message, otherwise, it will be denied and you will have to wait 1 week to apply again. Also, don't put your own email address, put your character's email address(This is just for RP purposes).]

The Chief Executive Officer is the executive or the administrator in charge of total management of Holder Constructions.

The manager is in charge of almost everything on Holder Constructions, he is a trusted person in the company so his opinion is brought when major changes are about to be made.

Security Supervisor
The Security Supervisor is in charge of the Holder's Security Team.

Once your period as a Trainee is over, you can choose to join the Holder Constructions Security Team, ensuring the safety of our properties, constructions and members.

Worker Supervisor
The Worker Supervisor is in charge of the Holder's Workers, he can assign tasks to them.

Once your period as a Trainee is over, you can choose to join the Holder Constructions Worker Team.

Once your application is accepted, you still have to prove us you worth for Holder Constructions. So each applicant will have a trial period as a Trainee. This period will help you choosing what position you want to take on Holder Constructions, you can choose either to be on the Security Team or the Worker Team.

Employee List___________________________________________________________________
John Curtis

Jacob Putin

Security Supervisor
Martins Street

Rakim Jones - Part Time

Worker Supervisor
Jimmy Bone


Alex_Angeles - FIRED
Caleb Jacknife
Steve White
Stanley Gaetano

The Holder Constructions Staff provides some uniforms to our employees. Note that you must use the uniform when you are working.

Security Supervisor Uniforms

Security Uniforms

Worker Supervisor Uniforms

Worker Uniforms

[OOC NOTE: I know that some of these skins are used by other factions, but I would like to ask permission to use them. Specially because this faction doesn't have much more skin options to choose. If some of these skins aren't accessible via the Locals Only, I would like to be able to use them, via the admins or other thing. Thank you for your comprehension.]


├óÔÇô┬¬Head Office Contact
Phone number: 7761927
Fax Number: 3704-590
E-mail address: [email protected]

[OOC NOTE: The contacts are In Character, so don't use them for Out Of Character purposes. Also, don't press the e-mail, they are fake e-mails that I made for RP purposes. If you want to send us an e-mail, just send me a Private Message on the forum, but be creative and always send it ICly. I know this Contact idea is copied from Epsilon Incorporations, but I found it a great idea for a company so, thank you Epsilon :)]

├óÔÇô┬║Future Projects

├óÔÇô┬║Current Projects

├óÔÇô┬║Past Projects
├óÔÇô┬¬ Holder Constructions Headquarters
Market: Corporate Offices.
Location: Blueberry, Red County.
Details: This project includes two offices, one warehouse and three garages.

├óÔÇô┬¬ Holder Constructions Weekly Meetings
Location: Holder Constructions Headquarters.
Date: All Saturdays.
Time: 5.00PM
Notes: None.

[OOC NOTE: The event time is GMT+0]

├óÔÇô┬¬ Regulation 1 - Do not get involved with crime organizations or the police, unless you are told to.

├óÔÇô┬¬ Regulation 2 - Do not give any information about the company to outsiders.

├óÔÇô┬¬ Regulation 3 - All workers have to work on a project in several intervals, unless the company is not currently working on a project.

├óÔÇô┬¬ Regulation 4 - The Security Personnel have to complete the tasks given by their superiors.

├óÔÇô┬¬ Regulation 5 - All employees have to follow the orders gave by their superiors.

├óÔÇô┬¬ Regulation 6 - Asking for promotions is not tolerated.

├óÔÇô┬¬ Regulation 7 - Keep a friendly mentality towards our clients and other employees.

├óÔÇô┬¬ Employee Promotions - Friday, 23rd April 1993

We are glad to announce that the employee Martins Street has successfully completed all the proposed trainings and tests and was promoted to Security. He will now be under the following Extensive Training: Security and Driving Skills Training.

CEO John Curtis.

├óÔÇô┬¬ Employee Promotions - Sunday, 25th April 1993

We are glad to announce that the following employees have been promoted:
- Martins Street has been promoted to Security Supervisor;
- Jimmy Bone has been promoted to Worker Supervisor.
Now the employee Martins Street has the duty to train Securities, and the employee Jimmy Bone has the duty to train Workers.

CEO John Curtis.

Client List___________________________________________________________________
At Holder Construction Company our clients define who we are. Since we are in the business of supporting their business and facilities needs, we shape our services and structure to respond to these needs.

The following is a list of some of our representative clients:

Aditional Information___________________________________________________________________
Holder Constructions also has his own website.
In the website, you can find useful informations such as articles, news, our projects, our events. Our members also have access to a Database, which will help Holder's Staff controlling their business.
For more informations, visit http://holder.youneed.us
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