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Hill_Billy Ban Appeal

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hill billy

May 1, 2010
IC Name:Hill Billy
IC Level:2
Admin who banned you:Aston Mahone
Reason for ban:Ban Evade
Do you think this was a false ban? yes i have never changed my ip if in the thing it says i did sorry but i don't now how to please unban please ): I DID NOT USE ANY HACKS....
Admit to offense? yes
Other comments:I do not DM anymore i am very good at RPing now i have been plying RP servers i will not Ruin any RP's i promise i will not DM no one i have read the rules i will not hack either i have never hacked.. and i love this server. And sorry Aston but i got unbanned and you said i ban evaded so you banned me again bro...

POST: Please i really want to know how this cool server is doing and all the new improvements sins i haven't played for alot of months and i really wana play - Give me one more chance this is my first chance and i never gotten it i will respect Administrators and do as told. Please give me just one CHANCE thats all im asking for please man...

EDIT: This is one ban evade i don't know but it just suddenly happened while fishing why do i get banned if i got unbanned then i get told i was ban evading... as i read the Appeals its not fair because i have not even gotten one chance and people gotten 2 chances thats not fair man... she/he is the luckiest person i've seen i can't get a chance like she/he...


Jan 8, 2010
You are not getting unbanned so quit posting unban appeals, or you will be banned from the forums too!!
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