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Dec 4, 2010
Sure! :thumbup:

Macauley Failed.
Ethan failed.
TJ Failed.
Doddsy failed.
Kay-kay failed.
Bauer failed.
TonyMendez failed.
J-R Parker failed.
Major Mugel failed.
Radi failed.
Iswiipy failed.
Vlad failed.
David Austin failed.
Dan failed.
Richard Berks failed.
Mike failed twice.
Dodo failed.
Benji failed.
BigMac failed.
Jeffy failed.
Smith failed.
Matt_Moretti failed.
2Fabulous failed.
Bishop failed.
Zane failed.
Icetea failed.
Delerious failed twice.
Yass failed.
Fritz failed twice.
Illusive man failed.
Adams failed.
Icewolf failed.
Muys failed.
Limuz failed.
Quin failed.
Mark Fleur failed.
Shadow failed.[
Monica failed.
iGetty failed.
Explosion failed.
Timothy failed.
Jed failed.
Pax failed.
Kro failed.
Adams failed again!
Hayastanci323 failed.
George_Piercen failed.
Hayastanci323 failed.
Kibo failed hard.
Neku failed.
Diablolic failed.
Davey455 failed.
Uber troll failed.
Monica failed.
Crazy Austin failed.
Jeff Bolt failed.
Coiosu™ failed.
Muncini failed.
Daniel failed.
Reid failed.
Vlad failed twice.
Carier failed.
Wazzup (Highpitchedvoice) failed.
Dave_Dumee failed.
Theo failed.
Fleur failed.
Crazy Phil failed.
Adams failed third time!
Smirnoff (Alvar) failed.
Crazy Andre failed.
Zomane failed.
Illusive man failed again!
Damian failed.
Terry the bear failed.
CodyCG failed.
TonyMendez failed again!
Martik failed.
Andrew failed.
Doddsy failed again.
Icewolf failed again.
Major Mugel failed again.
Don Vincent failed.
Shipper failed.
Dan failed again.
Charcer Failed.
Charcer failed again.
Dave_Dumee failed again.
Limuz failed again.
Psycadeliiic failed.
Patrick failed.
Skypo failed.
Hopkins failed.
iFalcon failed.
Grant failed.
Zane failed again.
Icy failed.
Muys failed again.
Tristan failed.
Waqqa failed.
Brian failed.
Benji failed again.
Ricconater failed.
TommyB failed.
iGetty failed again.
ThePasst failed.
Waqqa failed again.
Jerome failed.
Tobias Rieper failed.
David Austin failed agaain.
Duck failed.
Kibo Failed again.
Mike failed again.
Adin failed.
Decoy failed.
Wenson failed.
Decoy failed twice.
Decoy failed AGAIN.
Harold failed.
Harol failed agaain.
Joey Belgier failed twice.
Fishy failed.
Harold failed agaaaain.
Yass failed again!
Patrick Bauer Failed
Mike Diaz Failed
Common Failed
Marvin Trice Failed
Moretti Fails
Roger West failed.
Crusty Failed.
Uber Troll failed.
Daniel Moritz Failed.
TJ Failed.
Major Mugel Failed.
Ben Karner Failed
Macauley failed.
TJ Failed again.
Jeff Parker failed.
Kumode failed.
|| Shadow || Failed.
Karner failed.
Kay-Kay failed heavily!
Doddsy failed third time!
Ethan failed second time.
FlyBoy failed.
Mr.Kro failed.
Roman_Keskov failed.
Baker failed.
Waqqa failed.
2Fabulous failed.
Jeff_Bolt failed.
Macauley failed, secondly? No, Third time!
Rycka failed.
Grant failed twice..
WildenBorgR (Roger Murphy) failed..
Macauley failed.
WildenBorgR failed again..
Firetruck failed.
AshleyAcidix failed.
AshleyAcidix failed absolutely!
Kaspar faileeed........
M777 failed.
Beauregard failed..
Frisker is appearently inactive, Still he's active. Fail.
FireTruck failed.
Shipper failed.
Ammunation failed.
Andy failed.
Quin failed completely!
Anie failed.
Adams failed
Pudzeh failed.
Doddsy failed the fourth time.
Radi failed.
Adams has failed too damn much!
Smith Failed.
2Fabulous failed.
JazzBass Failed.
Adrian failed completely.
Grant Failed.
Brightenfilms failed heavily.
Jeff_Bolt failed!
Skye failed..
xI J 4 C K Ix failed!
Marcus Barzini failed.
ROFL failed!
Mr.Mclovin failed
Firetruck failed...
TJ Failed!
This is the 5th time Doddsy fail.
Don Vincent Failed.
Pagano failed.
Corne_Montioas failed.
2Fabulous, Are you kidding me? You fail!
Baker failed.
Prince D failed. (for real)
Well Adams failed.. again.
D.H failed!
Lewis™ failed.
Kumode failed.
Bauer failed.
Patrick Jackson failed.
Kay-Kay failed!
Ron failed.
Grant failed.. Again!
Hustla' failed extremely epicly!
Karner wants to leave? He fails!
Decoy failed.
Duff failed.
Grant failed.
JazzBass failed.
Hartrya13 failed extremely epicly.
I thought Jok3r left?
Itami failed!
2Fag, Kind sir you are still here.
Trigger failed.
Beauregard failed.
Autistic_Natas failed!
Laforge, You suck.
Oh Alvar, You thought you could just leave?
Duff failed!
Léon failed, Haha.
Shmoogle failed, lmfao.
Doddsy.. FAILED! 6th time.
Mikhail I failed!
Zomane failed!
Weirdblanketguy is a blanket and he failed.
Shmoogle failed, Haha.
Jhony Walker failed!
The truth failed.
Amelia failed. <3
Kay-Kay failed!
BigMac failed!
Itami failed.. /facepalm.
Chaos failed!
Pudzeh failed!
Smally failed.
Chri§ failed.
Grafitti fails.
WeirdBlanketGuy failed..
Radi failed!!
Paasjakko failed, lol.
Crazy Andre, you fail.
Delerious failed.
AshleyAcidix faield.
Kyream failed.
Mikhail.I failed
M.C Redneck stereotype failed!
Braxton failed
Hellshaun failed!
Brandawg can't live without RCRP!
Redz failed!
Valentine fails!
Ferraro, also known as Tanye fails!
Kyle FAILED! (Alec approves)
Jason_Jeffery failed epicly!
ROFL failed.
ArkyStano failed!
MhulekLau can't live without RCRP!
Mikey23 failed.
Monica failed! <3
Cha0s, you're banned, gtfo!
Duff failed, ha!
Antonio Marquez failed [email protected]
Fritz, go away already.
Prince failed, lmao.
Bishop failed!
| Charcer |failed!
itzcobra sucks.
Skittles, really?
Bishop failed!
Smally can't leave.
Earl Williams, you suck, lmao.
Justin Bishop, really?
TommyB, you fail!
Trigger failed, lmao.
Benji failed.
Baker failed!
TommyB cannot leave!
Mark Cambridge failed!
Ohh.. you thought it was that easy to leave, Justin Bishop?
Smally failed, lmfao!
Frisker, really?
Iceatea failed!<3
Firetruck failed, ha.
Brightenfilms failed heavily, lool.
Jeff Bolt failed!
Klafjen Love failed!
Carier failed!
joaofbi1 failed!
Quin failed!
Lorenzo failed!
Aweno failed!
Ray Edwards failed, ha!
Hellshaun can't leave!
Proaz failed!
Thuglife1906 failed!
Agent D failed.
Rycka failed, ha!
Major Mugel failed!
Donut Seller failes repeatetly all the time!
Jess.P failed!
DeLexia failed!
Flyboy failed!
Zane failed!
Luke Tucker failed!
Cruzito Canderias failed!
TonyMendez failed.
Smajk failed, lmao!
Brian failed with his phone!
Simon Hill failed!
iPeace failed!
MasterIllusion failed heavily!
Mikey23 failed!
Ben Karner failed!
Lindo failed.
Icy failed, hahah!
Kay-Kay failed!
ThePasst failed!
Earl failed!
Milk failed!
Seeker failed!
Radi failed!
SlickSpencer8live failed!
Mr. Walker failed!
Leroy failed! <3
Alvar failed!
Jeffy failed!
LaForge failed!
.::Shadow::. failed!
Wang stop forum ban evading
Sensys failed!
ThePasst failed!
Limuz failed!
Jok3r failed.
Cacksii failed!
Limuz failed heavily!
ROFL failed!
Cord failed, ha!
DanyZ failed heavily!
Psycadeliiic failed!
Shaun failed!
Lemonpower failed!<3
wang gtfo
Zoltan failed, ha!
Adamee failed!
Kumode failed!
Mike failed!
Jazz failed!
Bryant failed.
León failed!
Cacksii failed, ha.
Smally (SmallD) failed
AshleyAcidix failed!
Karner failed miserably lool
Daniel Moritz can't stay away from RCRP!
Medici failed!
Chania, Luleå & Gotland failed! (They're all vaginas Moritz has visited. Ignore this.)
Lior (Firetruck) failed!
Medici failed!
Nick G failed!
Grant failed!
Castorr failed!
Yass failed.
K.Wilson failed.
Took Jetty less than a day to fail!
Smally failed!
Mugel succeeded!
Shaun failed!
Adin failed!
Timothy failed!
Mark Fleur failed soo hard.
Bishop failed.<3
Foster failed!
Chri§ failed epicly!
Manu failed!
Suki failed!
Infamous Bull failed!
Owen failed!
GageB failed!
Katashi failed to join the leaving club!
Booth failed!
Mikhail.I failed!
Nilhilanth failed!
Saint failed.. again.. and again.. anndd again!
Xtreme failed!
Kenth failed!
Kikboxr failed 5 times, yet he was never added.
Nate failed!
Lindo cannot leave!
iPaco failed!
Grove failed!
Mac failed!
Failed after three hours? Haha Codac!
Crazy Ink crazily failed!
​K.Wilson failed!
Doddsy failed!
Castorr failed epicly!
PudZeh failed!
Escaper failed to escape!
Aaaannnddd Kikboxr failed again!
Adrian failed!
iFalcon failed!
Foster failed!
Adrian failed!
Lior (FireTruck) failed!
NoFear failed!
ArkyStano failed!
Timothy failed!
Nicholas. (Nick Moretti) failed!
Hollywood (Karner) failed!
Ammunation failed!
Nilhilanth failed!
2Pac failed!
BenBiddulph failed!
Tobias Rieper failed!
ThePasst failed!
Bauer failed!
GMG123 failed!
Kro failed!
Booth failed!
Mark Cambridge failed!
ROFL failed!
Knxwledge (aka Kikboxr) failed! for the 564335463542nd time
Jeffy Smith failed!
Kemp failed to keep SA-MP uninstalled!
Jeff Parker failed!
Nesset failed!
Mueller failed!
MikeR failed!
Andre failed!


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Nov 29, 2010
The Netherlands
Why am I on that list the last time. I only quit the team back then I made no official leaving topic D: