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Here we go again....


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Jan 6, 2010
Yes, you heard it right, smashed out of the ballpark, "It's a homerun, cya later!." Random crowd member named Lake Deo, "Oh no, not the guy that gave me the pokemon name, Metagame!."
"What will we ever do without Bishop!?!?!?!?!?"

Well looks like, "Oh another RAGE QUITTING TOPIC!!11111!!!" But no, not really, it's time to move on basically. "Of course RCRP is heavy rp." Well looks to me no-one knows the definition of heavy rp.
It's not a, "oh you ran into my car, not bad accident, go ahead, I tell no-one you hit me!"
It's a car crash, rp, accident. "/me slams his head into the steering column breaking his neck." Or head lacerations....

We're enforcing heavy rp, the only enforcing has been in adverts and yet that isn't even enforcing, just "warnings." A slap on the hand never disciplined everyone, take action, do something....
Oh look 5 people can rp an advert, "see, that's better." Yea no.

So pretty much just expressing what should happen, but it's really too easy for noobs to get in... Alec, I thank you for your awesome script, work, dedication, and all around care for the players. I would like to say that about everyone but sadly I cannot.

I've seen things that should not happen with a so called "heavy" rp server that would probably be acceptable on a light rp server.
I've dedicated a ton of time and work to RCRP, and yet I'm feelin' an empty in return. Not sure why, but I feel no matter how much I try to help out, I really get no feedback. I'm not saying I haven't had a lot of fun, but I really haven't enjoyed that solid rp all the way through. Maybe once or twice a week... I love when I get into deep rp, explains so much more of a true rp server.

This is about the time, where everyone will stop reading this endless post and I will wrap it up...so.

Players that are awesome....Yass, David and Jon Chapman, Chris Jacobs, Alec, Jerome, Houston, Ian, Lee and Jet, Mick, Decoy, Damian, Mark, S.A.S.T, Cruzito, Wayne Reed, Blue D, Lex for trying to make me corrupt (Still owe you that 5k haha), William, Gerald on a good day, Lake "Metagame" Deo and a lot more...

I won't talk down anyone cause I don't share anything personal with people...so no hard feelings....

I enjoyed my lonnnnnnggggggggg time on the server..........and I wish good luck to everyone...


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Jan 9, 2010
You were a good team mate, I enjoyed playing with you.
Anyways I'll see you around


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Jan 18, 2010
Portugal, Porto
Bishop, Yass, Gerald... This server will NEVER be the same without them.
Noobs will now take their place. Aperture, James Little(all those that were the reason for their leaving) believe me, this is just the beggining :(
this is a message to the server owners, you MUST do something, fast.