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Nov 17, 2016
IG Name
Sheriff Jake Anderson
IG Faction

Helper Application Status
Applications are currently​

Closing date:16th of November

Helper Application Information
If you're interested in joining the helper team, we have a few requirements before you fill in our application. If you meet the criteria, please submit your application by sending the current Head of Helpers [Anderson] with the title "Helper Application - MA Name - Main Character Name"


  • Your application must be original and entirely your own work.
  • You must not have faced recent administrative punishments.
  • You must fill out all questions, and meet, or exceed the word limits.
  • You must have played on the server for at least 6 months, and have good knowledge about the server.
  • You should be an active member of the community and have at least 100 forum posts.
  • People with temper or other attitude issues will most likely be denied during the reviewing stage.

Application Form
[fdivbox=white][center][img][/img][/center][/fdivbox][flegend=#19a57c,white,Helper Application][color=#000000][size=200][b][center]Helper Application[/center][/b][/size][right]Section I[/right]
[b]Master Account Name[/b]:
[b]Character Names[/b]:
[b]Timezone (In GMT) + Country[/b]:
[hr][/hr][right]Section II[/right]
[b]Why do you wish to join the helper team? (Min. 150 words)[/b]:

[b]Please give an example of when you've previously helped another player. (Min. 75 words)[/b]:

[b]What would make you a good helper? (Min. 150 words)[/b]:

[b]If accepted, how much time would you be able to dedicate to the team?[/b]:

[hr][/hr][right]Section III[/right]
The following are situational questions. These are examples of assists you could get as a helper. Please describe how you would react to and handle the assist.

[b]The following person is requiring assistance: "How do I level up?"[/b]:

[b]The following person is requiring assistance: "FUCKING HELPERS ANSWER ME ALREADY"[/b]: 

[b]The following person is requiring assistance: "What is Metagaming?"[/b]: 

[hr][/hr][right]Section IV[/right]
[b]Additional Comments, here you may include explanations of punishments, comments regarding the application or any questions you have[/b]:

By posting this application, I confirm that all information I have provided is true and I accept that I may be given any administrative punishment if proven otherwise. I also confirm that if I am told that I am not allowed to reply for any amount of time, I will not post an application. I also confirm that this application was submitted by me and I have not received any help with this application.
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