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Helper Application - Wombat - Grant Hoffman


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Mar 3, 2018
Helper Application
Helper Application​
Section I

Master Account Name: Wombat
Character Names: Grant Hoffman, Earl Parker, Alexander Burkov, Clark_Caldwell
Timezone (In GMT) + Country: GMT+2 Estonia

Section II

Why do you wish to join the helper team? (Min. 150 words): I wish to join the helper team because I would like to try out something different and put my knowledge to test. Helping has always been my passion and this would be a perfect opportunity for me. I also think that I have enough knowledge for this position. Keeping an eye out on forums is another thing I could handle for example if I don't have a lot to do in game I can always help people out and that means the most for me. I've had the urge to join the team for a long time now, but I never actually got to do it. Being a helper means a lot to me since I have an opportunity to do something for the server and give my part to the community. The main reason why I want to join the team is that I have actually never done something like this and the opportunity for me is too sweet to let go.

Please give an example of when you've previously helped another player. (Min. 75 words): I've helped new players multiple times before. I've had people /pming me and asking about the basics e.g. "Where can I find the main sidejobs?", "Where can I buy myself a vehicle?", "How can I respray my vehicle?". There's more, but I can't really name more right now. I have been helping new players every now and then, but this opportunity to take the actual position is my call. Mostly I have helped people when it's morning for me and there are mostly no helpers online. That's the time I had the most private messages regarding helping people.

What would make you a good helper? (Min. 150 words): The basic urge to help people when needed would most definately make me a good helper I have a habit to answer to everything when asked, I can't just skip it that's how it is in real life too. Another thing that would make me a good helper is that I am actually very active and up to help people as soon as I can. I find helping people a lot of fun and I enjoy helping everyone whenever I can. Being able to communicate with people more easily is another thing I would take a lot of assistance requests. I have times when I don't really do anything in-game and I would put that time to good use by taking assists and helping out as much as I can. I won't overreact to things and I am really accepting towards other players in the community in order to make everyone have fun.

If accepted, how much time would you be able to dedicate to the team?: I'm going to dedicate atleast a hour daily to the team (taking assistances in game, moderating forum). It's not much, but I think I can do a lot with that time, but that applies only to weekdays on the weekends i'm going to dedicate more time to the position i'm given.

Section III

The following are situational questions. These are examples of assists you could get as a helper. Please describe how you would react to and handle the assist.

The following person is requiring assistance: "How do I level up?": I would greet the player with a simple "Hello!' then I would proceed to help him talking about how the levelling system works and how he/she can gain experience points and how he/she can use them. Then I would ask if he/she needed anything else and if he/she doesn't need anything I would simply close the assistance request otherwise I would answer other questions too regarding the server.

The following person is requiring assistance: "FUCKING HELPERS ANSWER ME ALREADY": I would just simply not take the assistance and inform an administrator about it.

The following person is requiring assistance: "What is Metagaming?": I'd greet with "Hello!' and inform the player that it's one of the basic terms in roleplaying and it's mandatory to know and understand the term. I'd give a chance to read all of the rules and come back. If there is an administrator online I would inform him/her of the assist.

Section IV

Additional Comments, here you may include explanations of punishments, comments regarding the application or any questions you have: I've got punishments on my record that I really regret doing I hope that won't stop me from entering the team, thanks.

By posting this application, I confirm that all information I have provided is true and I accept that I may be given any administrative punishment if proven otherwise. I also confirm that if I am told that I am not allowed to reply for any amount of time, I will not post an application. I also confirm that this application was submitted by me and I have not received any help with this application.