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Jan 6, 2010

"When we do wrong, nobody remembers. When we do right, nobody forgets."

In order to join the Hells Angels MC, you'll be expected to learn and study as much as you can of the outlaw biker lifestyle. The Hells Angels MC is the largest Outlaw 1%er Motor Cycle Club in the nation. With over 2000 patched members and thousands of more associates and hangarounds, the Hells Angels rule the countries. If you're interested in joining, then please review the following information in this topic. But please note, in order to join, your character must be male, white, have a valid driver's license, have a working motorcycle and cannot be a child molester or have applied to become a police officer or prison guard. This is according to the Hells Angels rules.


Zachary Hopkins, a devious underground criminal. He would do anything for money and power. From ruler of the city's media to american mobster. His new targer, the biker lifestyle. He was tired of living under the eyes of the rich and famous. In his early fifties, it was time for something new. Violence, money, pussy, and getting fucked up. That's what he wanted to die with. To die with pride. After Zachary returned from Liberty City to Los Angeles, he knew immediately what he wanted to do. Set out for the Hells Angels MC. He already had contacts with the LC chapter, and he was ready to get prospected.

After a 7 months of being associated with the Hells Angels MC, he was ready and fit for 'Prospect'. He underwent many phases, stages, and tests of the prospect stage, passing them all. He would do anything the full-patched members would tell him to do, and did it with pride. The Prospect days were hell, but he completed his tasks without looking back.

He was soon awarded his top and middle rocker, now being considered a full-patched member. He quickly rose up the ranks in the organization, selling drunks and filling out murders and jumps successfully. He was promoted to Road Captain. Maintaining a crew on the streets. He would host weekly rides throughout the city and taunt Los Angeles with pride and dignity. He felt unstoppable, and his thoughts and passion brought him even hire. As Treasurer, he was responsible for maintaining a healthy chapter in Los Angeles, CA. Shortly after the president passed away, he was promoted to President, running the California chapter. He still currently runs it today.



Leader of the Chapter. Responsible for almost everything. His vote usually counts as the biggest vote.

Vice President
Man under the president. Has a large word in the club.

Responsible for club finances and large problems. A big guy in the club.

Road Captain
Can usually lead a crew of patched members, prospects, and some associates. Can host weekly rides and be the front man of those rides.

Sergeant at Arms
The enforcement of the crew. This guy can beat down or send a guy home if he's had too much to drink or is acting over necessary.

Full-Patch Member
A fully patched member of the club. Can make votes for the club now and is involved in illegal business.

The training stage. Not a full member and has to undergo many stages and tests before they're ready to become a full-patch member. They're not involved in anything illegal but comes to most club meetings and rides. These guys take a fuck load of shit, but if they're up for it and have the right attitude, then they'll get far in the club.



President only





Prospect Only

I made this faction wanting to create a realistic outlaw MC on RCRP. We had the Dillimore Bastards, but I didn't like the setup of it. I've been high ranking members on heavy RP servers in MC's, so I know how to run one. If you're thinking about joining then either come to the Dillimore bar and RP, or fill out an application below and post in this topic. Also please be sure to have a good understanding of outlaw MC's and a good knowledge of Harley Davidson motorcycles. As we will RP the actual motorcycles and not just Freeways. If you come to just RP, you'll be a 'hangaround' until we invite you to be an associate. Hang arounds undergo a few small stages to see if they're worthy of working with the club. Associates aren't a part of the club yet, but they still ride with the club and at times can do business. They get treated like shit as well. After a whole day of RPing as an associate, you'll be given a prospect vest. The prospect stage is the hardest. You'll have to do everything you're told from full-patch members and above, no matter what it is. You can't argue or act like a bitch when a prospect. After two-three days of being a prospect, you'll be ready to earn your patch. Once you have your patch you can do anything the club does, and vote for the club as well. You'll be able to earn your way up the ranks and achieve what you want to achieve.

The application is only temporary. You want have to go through the prospect stage and will fill in needed positions like Sgt at Arms, Road Captains and so on. The application is completely OOC, and if it's good, you'll be accepted as a member. If it's not great, I'll accept you as a prospect for a testing stage to see if you're good to join or not. Post the application in this topic.

Also note, if you're trying to join and you're told to 'fuck off', then don't take that as a "Don't RP with us ever again", just walk away for a while and come back when we're in a better mood. Come up to us and be friendly, don't be a pussy but show respect. Do what you're told. If you do, you'll earn your way up the ranks and have no problems. But again, if you're told to go away or to fuck off, then don't give up. You'll get that a lot.

One more thing, any racism that comes from this faction is completely IC. Hells Angels to wear 'Swastika' patches to signify they've killed for the club. They will also shout racist comments. Please do not take that OOCly because it's completely IC. Thanks.


[b][i]Character's info;[/i][/b]

[b]Harley Davidson Model:[/b]
[b]OOC reason why you want to join:[/b]
Please post the application in this topic.


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Jan 6, 2010
Maryville, Tennessee
Since the "Bastards" are becoming an illegal street racing gang, I think we can use the old slot for Hopkins, but I dunno.
(Since the new "bastards" are getting a new faction slot...)
This is another faction, and I don't want to see this one abandoned!


Good amount of effort in the thread. Hopkins you need to make up your mind eh.



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Jan 6, 2010
I'm just looking for a type of roleplay I like and can stick with. I loved RPing as a biker on other servers, so I think I can make this go a long way. I've never stuck with anything mexican on any other server though, it always bores me. It's ready to roll anyways. McLovin is allowing me to use the Dillimore as my bar for now.


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Jan 6, 2010
Hopkins said:
One more thing, any racism that comes from this faction is completely IC. Hells Angels to wear 'Swastika' patches to signify they've killed for the club. They will also shout racist comments. Please do not take that OOCly because it's completely IC. Thanks.
Now that I'm thinking,
Swastika =

I'm not saying it's a Neo-Nazi faction but yeah...
And I do know that having a swastika doesn't mean he is imediately a Nazi. If I remember in some Hindu shit it means the sun.
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