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Hello RC RP


May 9, 2010
Hello all members of RC RP I am Nicolas and I am comming here from *server name removed by admin* I just leaved it from about 1 Week cause I just got poor there and I have problem with an admin that just pissed me off and I asked some freinds IRL they are playing here they said there is good Scripter here and here is some good faction so I am joinning you and I just took an Alt ACC of my Freind and renamed it...
Here is My history in SA-MP:My first start was in *server name removed by admin* I just played there for about 5 months and I leave it and went to *server name removed by admin* I have been Rping there for about 1 Year or 1 and half So I hope you welcome me here as member of RC RP and as a good Rper..Thanks All Cya IG