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Heavy RP server??


Ok. Tonight, the admins and I enforced heavy RP driving to see how everyone would do. I stated that if they were found not driving RP they would be jailed for 10 minutes and fined 5k and the admins would kick people. At first, people seemed to be pretty good. But after not too long, admins kicked a few people and i fined and jailed a few people. Not too bad. However, once all the admins left, all hell broke loose. Yes, I was also the only officer on, but I believe that this shows that when there aren't admins on and there is barely any cops on to enforce the laws, the players can't handle it. I'm all for a heavy RP server but the players didn't seem to show that they are willing to go along with it. Why should we upgrade from a light RP server to a heavy RP server if the players won't follow the rules? Yes, there will always be those noobs that screw off but before admins left which was for about 30 minutes, we only dealt with 3 people. After they all left, I had to jail and fine 10 people! And they weren't noobs. So unless the players are willing to heavy RP even when admins or sheriffs aren't on, I don't believe we are ready.


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Jan 6, 2010
During the introduction for 1.0 there should be rules about heavy RP. If they fail to follow the rules so many times, they can get banned, or jailed for a long amount of time.