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Health System

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Jan 28, 2017

Health System

Development OverviewFeature Name: Health System
Script Author(s): TommyB
Documentation By: Thekillergreece
Special Thanks: @Earl (Proof-reading)
Feature Version: Multiple versions

Over the years the RC:RP health system has evolved and expanded quite a bit, starting from a simple script that would send you to a hospital upon death, and ending with complex injuries & death systems, including additional features such as bleeding or corpses. This documentation will cover those features and explain how they work.


During gameplay your character might suffer injuries one way or another. When the character is injured, the injuries will be displayed through /injuries (Player ID) which will display a window with all kind of injuries the character sustained, including information about the body part affected and the type of weapon used. For example, if a character is shot to the chest with a 9mm, it will be displayed in the /injuries window as "Gunshot wound - Chest - 9mm".
If your character has been beaten instead, injuries will be shown in the popup window as "Blunt trauma", as well as the weapon used to beat the character (fists, bat, shovel, etc).

When a character suffers injuries, they will lose some health. Depending the weapon and the injury location, they may suffer minor or major health loss. There's a guide that will help you determine a weapon's damage output to your character. For example, a 9mm inflicts 33 damage on the chest. 100 (Health Points) - 33 (Damage) = 67HP.

Your Health is indicated by the Health Icon which is displayed in the top right corner of your screen by default. Its position can be edited through /edithud.

A good way to "block" bullets from directly damaging the character's health is by wearing a kevlar. It can be either a light vest or a heavy vest. Light kevlars can be bought from any Ammunation at any time. Silentium and the Fire Department also wear light kevlar vests. Heavy kevlar vests on the other hand are available only for the SASP, SBI and Official Illegal Factions (purchased through the weapon crate system). Your Health will be affected only when your armor is "destroyed" and/or you're attacked with blunt weapons or knives.

Your Armor is indicated by the Armor Icon which is displayed in the top right corner of your screen by default, right above the Health Icon. Its position can be edited through /edithud.

There's also the bleeding status, which is automatically gained when your character has 50 health points or less. During the bleeding status, you will lose 2 Health Points per 30 seconds for bodyshots and 5 Health Points per 30 seconds for headshots. When that happens, your character will constantly drop blood spots on the ground. Only the Fire Department can stop the bleeding status.

Your character's nametag will always flash in red color when they get damaged, including vehicle rams. Losing health due to bleeding status will not flash your nametag. If the nametag doesn't flash red, then it means that the inflicted damage was not registered by both clients (due to lag/sync issues) and should be interpreted as a miss.

When all Health is lost, you will enter the "Downed" or "Wounded" mode, depending on the circumstances.

Downed / Wounded

In the "Wounded" and "Downed" modes, your character will be incapable of doing anything other than talking, depending on the injuries. If your character is downed with a headshot wound, they will not be able to talk at all and will inevitable die even if the Fire Department is present. You cannot roleplay as graze shot if you have a gunshot wound to the head when you are already downed and/or have less than 50HP. You can roleplay that only when you are not downed and your HP is above 50.

Downed Mode: If your character got beaten up to the point they lost all their Health Points, they will enter the "Downed" mode which makes them enter the /injured animation. In this case, your character may be able to get back on their feet eventually or get helped up by someone else. For the former, that is applicable only if they got beaten up and only when the Death Timer has been expired for the former. For the latter, players can use the command /helpup [Player ID] to help up downed players on their feet. Helped up players will re-gain 50HP, however once their Death Timer expires they will get full 100HP.

Wounded Mode: If your character got wounded from gunshot wounds, they will enter the "Wounded" mode which makes them enter the /wounded animation. Only the Fire Department can help them or they will inevitable die when their Death Timer expires. Wounded players cannot be helped up in any circumstances. Paramedics can use the command /heal [Player ID] to stop the bleeding status and/or increase the Health Points, saving them from certain death. This is not applicable to players with gunshot wound to the head (and in the Wounded mode).

Players dropped to the ground will always have their nametags coloured in red until they die or helped up/healed. Players wounded in vehicles will remain in the car scriptwisely.

If the Death Timer expires while in wounded mode and/or executed, the character will succumb to their injuries. When that happens, players can accept their death by typing the /accept death command. This will prompt the players to respawn after a minute from the Hospital with a fee, depending the player level. When that happens, a corpse will spawn in the location the player accepted death. When a player accepts death, a message will be posted in the chat.


When a player accepts death, a corpse model (an actor with an animation) will take their place as the player is "teleported" to the nearest hospital. The corpse model will copy the player's skin. In other words, if the player was using a cop skin, then the corpse's skin will be a cop skin as well. A name will be displayed above the corpse with the command of /corpse injuries [CORPSE ID] to view its injuries so you can determine the cause of their death.

Corpses unlocks several roleplay opportunities, particularly to criminals who want to dispose of corpses to erase any traces towards them and/or investigators who are trying to investigate a murder scene. Alternatively, the Fire Department has a coroner unit which disposes of the corpses as well.

Corpses can be bagged and/or burnt. There are several available commands for this. Corpses can be dragged to a vehicle's trunk to dispose them elsewhere by using the command /corpse trunk [CORPSE ID]. This requires the vehicle's trunk to be close to the corpse to work. Alternatively, players can dispose of the corpses by burning them. Use the command /corpse burn [CORPSE ID] to do that, but note that it will take some time for the corpse to be fully disposed of.

Players can get bodybags from their vehicle's trunks to bag the corpses. This can be done by using the command /bodybag get (must be close to the vehicle's trunk) and /corpse bag [CORPSE ID] to bag the corpse. Afterwards, you can pick them up by using the command /bodybag pickup and drop them in your vehicle's trunk by using /bodybag remove.

This will remove the corpse from the ground.

Related Commands
  • /injuries ID - Displays a window with the injuries of a player.
  • /corpse injuries ID - Displays a window with the injuries of a corpse.
  • /corpse bag ID - Bags the corpse into a bodybag.
  • /corpse burn ID - Sets the corpse on fire.
  • /corpse trunk ID - Places the corpse in the trunk of a vehicle.
  • /bodybag get - Takes a bodybag from the trunk of a vehicle.
  • /bodybag remove - Places the bodybag in the trunk of a vehicle.
  • /bodybag pickup - Picks up a bodybag from the ground.
  • /helpup - Helps a player back up on their feet. The player must be in downed mode.
  • /heal - Heals the player. Available only for FD.
  • /accept death - Accepts the death once the Death Timer is up. The player will respawn within a minute.

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