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Dec 10, 2016
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Your Character and you
A Guide to Making a Character​

1) Introduction

Welcome to my guide, "Your Character and You: A guide to Making a Character." The idea of this guide is to help new players, and new comers to the world of roleplay itself, create a character for this world. We see many new players on the server, some who don't understand how to roleplay, some that don't know how to make a new character, so on and so forth. There are many good roleplaying guides on the forums already, however this guide is for the pure purpose of helping make a character. Now while i wont give you a hand-out character, i will show you the process me and many other people use to put together a good character.

2) Characters

Picture for a moment, a world without people. A barren wasteland, no buildings, no vehicles, no life whatsoever. This is what you would look at if you were to have a world without characters. Characters are the back bone of a role play, without them buildings would not have been made, societies would not have been formed, and new life would never have came to be. Even in a world like RC:RP characters are needed, otherwise the server would fall apart and another well needed server would die before its time. This section of the guide will introduce you to a character, introduce you to a scenario involving him, and will introduce you to roleplaying as a person, not as your self.

2A) Meet Jack
Meet Jack Russell, a 26 year old American, born in New York, moved to Los Santos three years ago, and has two criminal charges against him: one for Assault, one for Auto Theft. He is a freelance photographer, however he lives nearby a gang infested neighborhood, having to pass through each day on his way to work. Jack doesn't believe in violence, is a christian at heart though he never attends practices, and supports the government. His previous crimes were both caused by drunken fits, or so he will claim, and after moving to Los Santon, he became sober and attempted to stay a good citizen. His friends work at a Pizzastack nearby, and as a bartender at the Four Dragons casino, their names are irrelevant for now. Were going to go through a day with Jack, and see how he will react to the situations involved, and compare them to the real life player's view.

Speaking of which, let me tell you about the player, so you can see the differences in the two. The real life player is Al, a 18 year old college student that is passive aggressive, a bit easy to anger, and is both an atheist and unattached to government views. He has never once been in a fight that he started, and he detests gangs. Now, onto the scenario.

2B) Jack's Day

Jack wakes up, and does his regular routine, brushing, shaving, bathing, and then walking outside to head to work. Even though he is freelance, he checks in at the local papers to see what they are looking for. Now, Jack doesn't carry weapons on him, as i said he detests violence. The local gang has realized this fact, and as such they have became a regular problem for Jack.

These three men above are a member of a small time gang known for small crimes, such as pick pocketing, car jacking, and the occasional gun point robbery. The man in the middle is the second-in-command, Manny. The one on the left is an initiate, Leo, and the one on the right is a well known dealer, whose name changes depending on who he is dealing to, to Jack he is simply known as "D." Even though they are small, they are drug addicts, and don't think rationally, each having at least a knife to add to the danger.

Jack has to pass by them every day, as Manny is his next door neighbor, and because of his pacifist nature they know he is a prime target. Manny and his two friends are sitting by the porch as Jack passes by, one smoking a blunt, the other two arguing over what seems to be a problem with Manny's grill. The one smoking the blunt, D, whistles to his two friends as Jack passes by. Manny and Leo stop what they are doing, grin, and step after Jack. Jack has gotten used to this routine, and today decided to be smart. Instead of putting all of his money in his wallet, he put most of it inside his camera case, leaving only 50$ and some change in his wallet. Manny yells to Jack,

"Yo, Jackie boy. You got something for me ese?" His two friends chuckling as they speak to themselves in Spanish. Jack sighs, turning around. In an attempt to skip out on their usual back and forth of insults and threats, he pulls his wallet out, handing the 50$ to Manny. Manny, however, isn't happy to see the decline in cash. He slaps Jack's cash away, before grabbing him by the collar, looking at him with a fire behind his eyes,

"Hey Puto, this some joke? Think you can play me? Wheres my money?" Now, the player wants to react violently, however Jack is not violent, and at the same time he knows it is a fight he cant win. Where most people would attempt to push Manny away and then run, the player knows it is not realistic. This situation is where judgment come into play. Realism is a key thing in character creation. Jack gulps, before replying,

"Slow news week, this is all i have left man, come on..." A notable fear behind Jack's voice, however in this situation its a fear for his life at first glance, not the fear that they will find out he is lieing. Manny shoves Jack backward, causing him to fall down. Manny turns to his cohorts, speaking again in Spanish. Now, why am i not telling you what they are saying? Because Jack doesn't know Spanish. He speaks Russian, and a bit of Korean, but no Spanish. Even if you know it in real life, does your character? This is important to remember. Manny and his friends walk off, but Manny keeps glaring at Jack, who feels safe for now.

Hours pass, Jack gets a job to work on this week, but first he takes his spare cash and heads to his friend's work, the Pizzastack. The place is closed today, because of a gang related attack inside. Jack sighs, hunger in his stomach, and fear in his heart for having to see Manny again on the walk back. He has to walk down two blocks before he will arrive home, as well as a small area beneath a bridge. Walking underneath the bridge, he would find something that will create a new tale in Jack's story.

Jack passed by two men, one black, the other seemed to be half and half, running from sirens in the background. The black one ran over to Jack, pushing something in his hands, saying, "Take this homie!" and then just rushing away. Jack looked at it, it was a Desert Eagle handgun, seemed brand new as the tag was still on it, though the smell of gunpowder came from it. Jack figured they had just shot some one, and were offing the evidence on him. Jack believes in justice and the government, so he put the gun in his pocket to take to the police the following morning. It was heavy, Jack never fired a gun before either.

Two blocks later, the smell of smoke filled his nose, before he even saw the nearby fire. His home was ablaze, and as such he began to run faster, approaching what was now the charred remains of everything he had. He fell to his knees in disbelief, heart pounding both in anger and depression. He heard laughter as a couple of men stepped behind him, Manny and Leo, D no where in sight. Manny was smoking a cigarette, but gasoline could be smelled coming from him as well.

"See man, you stop payin', you loose your property. Like, repo or something man. Cept when you stop paying us, you don't get your shit back, ese." Said Manny, Leo laughing as Manny taunts Jack. "Now homie, gimme something, and you'll walk away."

"I don't have anything, you burned it all down!" Jack said, standing up, anger rushing through him. Manny shook his head, making a tsk sound as he did so, Leo walked over to Jack, grinning.

"Why not give us your camera then, it'll probably sell for a good sum." Said Leo, Manny nodding in agreement.

"Yea ese, give us your camera." Said Manny, reaching out for it. Jack pulled back, "Get your damn hands off it!" He said, Manny getting really angry and punching Jack across the face, knocking him down. Leo grabbed the camera bag from Jack's shoulder, Jack still in shock and unable to stop him, before Manny took it from Leo.

"Thanks, ese. Now get the Fuck out of my sight." Said Manny, before he and Leo turned around, starting to walk off. Now lets recap for a moment. Jack is a pacifist, but has been attacked and robbed by these men for a good time now, and now he has lost everything he owned. Realistically, this is a breaking point, thinks Al the player, and he reacts in a way Manny and Leo wouldn't expect.

"Gimme back my camera!" Yells Jack, stepping to his feet, and pulling the hidden Dessert Eagle free, aiming it at Manny. Manny and Leo turn around, jumping a bit when they see the gun. After a pause, Manny chuckles, Leo looking a bit afraid.

"Shit man, what you gonna do, shoot me? You ain't got the cajones." Taunts Manny, even opening his arms, givng Jack a clear shot. "Come on, white boy, shoot me. You know you aint gonna." Manny keeps taunting, before Leo starts to speak to him in Spanish. It seems like they are arguing, Leo attempting to shut Manny up, but Manny too proud to listen. He turns to Jack, continuously saying "Do it!" as Jack's heart races. Finally, Jack looses it all, his finger pulling back the trigger of the gun, and a bullet soars through Manny, who gaps for air before falling to the ground. Leo screams in Spanish, then starts to run off, Jack on his back from the surprising impact of the gun against him.

Jack walks over to Manny, taking a moment to register what just happened. He grabs his camera from Manny, and tosses the gun down, starting to run off away from the scene, the sound of Spanish yelling coming from nearby. What happens next? Does Jack get caught by the gang and killed? Does he get away? This is all up to Jack's actions.

As you can see, i didnt use all of Jack's back ground in this scenario, but i showed off realism, and sticking to a character. Jack lost his mind, breaking his code of pacifism only because of all the moral stress he had suffered, Manny stuck to being a proud gang banger and didn't show fear cause of Jack's Pacifism, and Leo showed fear because he was not a real gang member, only a wanna-be. I made this section to show off how a true character is roleplayed, however lets look at a second scenario featuring a less realistic roleplayer.

2c) Jack's Day Abridged

We are going to look again at a few of the situations Jack got in to, but look at them if Jack was not being played to character.

Looking at the scene where he is being mugged, Manny has Jack by the collar still, heres how things could be played in correctly:

* Jack kicks Manny and attempts to fight all three of the gang members.

* Jack pulls out a gun he brought with him that morning, and holds it at Manny before shooting.

* Jack starts yelling for help.

* Jack spits in Manny's face, then attempts to run away.

These are all unrealistic. Primarily, Jack is in fear, and would not take any of these actions. Jack is not a body builder, he is weak, he knew if they attacked him he would be screwed, as well as he knows for a fact they have guns. Second, Jack is a pacifist, he would not fight even in self defense, nor would he carry a gun on him even if it was to just scare them. All these are a way of breaking character.

Scenario two, the scene where the two black guys off the gun on Jack. Heres some unrealistic things that will happen.

* Jack would stop them, then give them the gun back.

* Jack would stop them, then hold them at gun point, keeping them their until the police arrive.

* Jack would rob someone with the gun to pay Manny the next day.

* Jack would just leave the gun.

These are unrealistic as Jack is Pacifist, and wouldn't hold a gun at anyone. He is a fond believer of justice and the government and wouldn't leave the gun lying around. and Jack would never give a criminal anything, unless he was forced to.

Finally, lets look at alternatives to the house scene, where he snaps.

* Jack shoots them as soon as they appear.

* Jack just leaves.

* Jack calls the police, and keeps them there at gun point.

* Jack stays to fight all of the gang.

* Jack chases after Leo and tries to shoot him.

These are all unrealistic because he only breaks pacifism after Manny takes the camera and taunts him, and following that he regains clear train of thought, and wouldn't attack anyone else. He also isn't an idiot, he knows when Leo runs off, the other gang members would follow him and try to kill him with guns of their own.

We can all be bad asses, we can all be cowards, but all that matters is why we are this way. Now that you have seen the good and the bad of character play, lets get to what you want, the character creation portion.

3) Character Creation

Creating the character, in my opinion, is the funnest part of roleplaying. There are virtually endless possibilities, from a Mexican priest to a Mobster that become Mayor. The fun to me is making new characters. I have made 25 characters in my life as a roleplayer, 3 of which were on RC:RP. Here, i will walk you through my style of character creation, and I will show you how my character, Leon Ashford, came to be.

3A) The Basics

This will cover getting a base idea of a character down, giving him a name, appearance, basic origin, and a few back ground perks, this will also give you enough to make a passable character to let grow with your experiences. I will walk you through my steps in order.


What is your character? What is the base idea behind your character? I have a book from a role playing game i flip through to get a good idea of over 100 archetypes i can possibly make for a modern world. I will list a few here for you and describe them.

Druggie: Who cares what happened or what may happen? the Druggie doesn't care, so long as they have their high. From cocaine to ecstasy, these guys can smoke, snort, inject, or whatever else anything. Players of this archetype don't try to get involved with fights or disputes, they try to get their fix any way they can.

Paranoid Veteran: you fought in the war, but the enemy isn't finished with you. Players of this archetype have a history in some war, and as such they suffer paranoia. They can be old men, or younger men, but they have a catch: Trust no one. You will bug your friends, keep tabs on everyone, and have a weapon close to you at all times. If you even think that some one may be stalking you, they are...

Country Boy: Your just a good ol' boy, never meaning no harm. Whether your a racist, stubborn technophobe, or old man with a shotgun telling kids to get off your land, you have one thing about you that is always true, you live the good ol' life. These people usually avoid the city, living out in the country as farmers, mechanics, or fishermen. This archetype can also apply to some bikers.

Hero: There's a problem in town, and you plan to solve it. Players of this archetype try to take the law into their hands, saving people being mugged, letting the homeless stay in your home for the night, and becoming a vigilante against crime if needed. Players of this archetype usually become police, paramedic, fire department, or illegal vigilante. this Archetype can be mixed with pretty much any other archetype.

Gangster: Respect, honor, or just the fear of your presence, you live for it and you live with your family or crew with the same views. Players of this Archetype see themselves as a true gangster, a crime committing kind, or the mafioso kind. Players of this usually try to join a gang as soon as they can, or create a gang of there own. These players usually detest the law, and break it often.

Anarchist: Government? Society? Forget them, you live by your own rules. Anarchists aren't necessarily gang members, but they aren't the good guys that is for sure. They commit crimes against the government, not the people, and do their best to bring others under their flag. These people despise the law, and the government, but do not hate people, only those that support what the Anarchist hates.

The Friend: Someone need a dollar? Forget that, drinks are on you. Your the guy that everyone likes, cause your all around nice. You buy people drinks, don't care to give a mugger a bit extra, and heck, you'll give a man in need your old car, its just collecting dust anyways. True, usually your generosity makes people take advantage of you, but that's the price you pay.

There's just a good few archetypes you can base your character off of. but that's only the start, now you have to actually work on the character.


A name is more than just something to call your character. With a name, comes many things. You choose a fancy name, it could mean your of a rich up bringing or an honorable one. You choose a common one, your middle class, one of the people. Choose a tough one, your probably a gang member or a con.


This is simple, how old are you? Keep in mind, your age effects your character, and for a server like this a suggested age line is 15-60.

15-19: Your still young, still weak and inexperienced, but you have more energy and spirit in you, your also not yet a full adult. You can get a gun, but you can get away with a bit more, and slip out of situations a bit easier then others, your also the least likely to be a suspect.

20-39: The average age, your in your prime. Not too strong, not too weak. Your the baseline for everyone around you.

40-60: Your getting on in age. Your not as strong as you used to be, not as fast, but your wiser. While others are still kicking in teeth, you know how to talk to people, and how to reason. People of this age are usually leaders, not getting involved directly but still commanding with a strong fist.


An origin reflects possible experiences, possible languages, and possible accents. An origin consists of three parts: Continent, State/country, City. A person from a heavily gang filled area is more likely to know how to handle the streets than a man from a upper class neighborhood. A man from Spain has a bigger chance of knowing Spanish than someone from Japan.


At this time, you can put together a basic look for your character. A common thing to do, is pick a celebrity or cartoon star you like, and build upon that. For example, maybe you like Bret Micheals and want to look like him? Thats fine, but dont just say "I look like Bret Michaels." Instead, find an image of him, and write down his base appearance, then modify it.

From a glance, heres how i would describe Bret Michaels:

Long blond hair, a bit muscular, possible chin fuzz, tattooed, tan complexion.

You take this base idea, and work out your own description, like so:

Long blond hair, visible soul patch, average build for muscle, average weight, 5'11 height, tattoo down the right arm in a tribal fashion, full torso tan.

See how you now sound like someone you made on your own? but your not done yet, what about your clothes?

Your clothing should make sense with both your income, and your lifestyle. A rich gangster isn't going to flaunt it with a fancy tux, and a poor farmer doesn't wear JUST a pair of overalls. You made your Bret Michaels clone, now lets pick some clothes.

Instead of the black t-shirt and ripped blue jeans in the picture, lets add and take just a bit. Your new wardrobe:

Black muscle-T covered by a faded gray denim vest. Pants are faded denim jeans as well, the legs baggy enough to near cover your brown leather work boots. A leather cowboy hat sits on your head, and sun glasses hide your eyes.

See, still like the pic above, but not an exact copy. Of course, you can experiment with your wardrobe as much as you want, just don't copy and paste a pic and say it is you, if you do say it is a general idea. My favorite character looks like Johnny Depp, but in no way do i look exactly like him.


Now for the tricky part, what about your character's background will be an advantage and a disadvantage? The hard part about this is becoming too powerful, which is why i limit myself to about four perks for a character. Now perks are anything your character may possess or know because of his story, and will add in to all roleplaying done in the future. There are also negative perks, which i suggest picking at least two so you have some faults.

Languages, strength, knowledge, skills, possessions: These are all perks.

Weakness, allergy, criminal history, mental ailments: These are all negative perks.

3b) The Basic creation of Leon Ashford

Now, i am going to make my character, Leon Ashford, again for you all, to show how i make him. In order, i will do my steps, and explain what i need to.

First, the archetype: Leon gains two Archetypes, the Veteran and the Criminal Archetypes. The Veteran Archetype means Leon was part of a military once, meaning he known a few tricks and a few trade secrets, also how to handle a gun. He isn't easily scared either. The Criminal Archetype means Leon doesn't care about the law. He was either once part of a crime group, or seeks to be, and doesn't care who gets hurt when he needs to do his job.

Second, the name. Well Leon will become his first name, as its a good sounding name, rolls righto ff the tongue. Ashford would become his last name, because Ashford is an uppercase name, meaning Leon would have been raised as a top member of society at one point.

Third, Age. Hmm, well his age has changed several times, as i keep forgetting how old he was. I generally just say early 20s if people ask, but lets say about 22-23. This means he isnt too old or too young, legal for many things, and means he has some experience.

Fourth, Origin. This was tricky, but i fell back on my usual method of origin, let one pop in randomly. Luckily, i was watching House on television, and i like the Aussie so Leon became an original resident of Sydney, Australia. BUT! he also hails from London for the last few years of life before moving to Los Santos. Because of this, he has many experiences i can work from, and two fun accents: Queen's English/Australian.

Fifth, Appearance. Well I like johnny Depp. From Sweeney Todd to his upcoming Alice in Wonderland, he has been one of my favorite actors. As such, i use him as a base image for Leon, but how does Leon look? Leon's appearance: Shoulder length blond hair, light fuzz covering his chin. visible tattoo on his neck, of the initials L.A.. Fairly muscular, but at the same time underweight, no visible piercings, but about sixteen wounds cover him. Is always seen with a fedora, usually wearing a business like attire, or has recently been seen wearing a leather jacket with his initials on the back, a banner reading Freebird below.

Finally, perks. Well, military training had to be there, as he was once with the military. He is related by marriage to some Mexicans, so we can add in basic Spanish. Skills? Well he was a trick biker, so we can say he knows some mechanics, and we can also say he knows how to fight. But negative perks? Well lets say he has a weakness when it comes to whiskey, he needs it, loves it, especially Jack Daniels, and he has a criminal history in all three of his homes.

Now we have a basic idea of Leon, but we aren't done yet. Yes, this is passable, and leaves room to grow on, but maybe you want more. The next section, we will discuss more advanced creation.

4) Advanced Creation

Now for the detailed part of making a character. Advanced creation defines the flavor of your character. Yes, he is Japanese, but does he support any government, is he religious, does he have a family? In this section, we will look at some more things you can sprinkle into your character creation, and then i will once more give an example using Leon, the all Aussie bad ass.


Religion defines your character's beliefs, when he dies will he go to God, or to 72 virgins? Your religion is for role playing purposes, and adds to your character. Christianity, Catholicism, Mormonism, Buddhism, Jewish, etc. Your religious views will reflect on your character, is he a devout follower, or does he believe but sin?


What are your views on the government? Are you an anarchist, hating them for everything, blaming them, and getting revenge. Are you a politician, running in elections, whether it is because you want to help, or because your secretly a criminal wanting power? The views reflecting government, expresses what your character wants from this town, and how he will react whenever the law is involved.

Personal Beliefs

Pacifism, vegetarianism, bigamy, and the like are all things your character supports or despises. Your personal beliefs will effect roleplay, and will show how you react to certain things. More importantly, how badly does your character support/despise these views? A heavy believer of pacifism is morel likely to follow the code, than a low dispiser of bigamy is of beating the crap out of a bigamist or polygamist.


What has happened to your character in the past? Has he ever been a member of a gang, or is he a member of a gang now? Has he ever served time, or has he got a criminal record? The history of your character opens up more doors to roleplay possibilities. A character that just lived his life is allot more boring then a man who lost his sight in Vietnam, or a kid that got sent to jail for five years for whatever reason.


This can be done with fake family members, or if you ask around, family members in game. Your family means you have people out there that you can use to help you out, or that can cause trouble. They add roleplay, and add chances of things going wrong. If they are real players, they can be an active source of roleplaying.

4A) Leon Ashford Advanced

We know the base idea of Leon, but what about the bigger picture? Let me go with you down the road of advanced creation, using Leon again.

First, Leon's Religion. Well he is a closet Baptist, which i picked only because its my in real life religion, and i can assume that there are Baptists in Australia, there's a mix of religion everywhere right? And because he never actively follows the religion, if it turns out i need to change it, i can without breaking roleplay.

Second, the Government. Leon doesn't like it. A police mix up cost him the chance to ever legally own a gun, and as such he is now anarchist in theory. He actively gets in fights with the police, and if things came down to it, possibly killing one in the future. But that, is irrelevant, for now. However, Leon is an active voter, and he has a few ideas he would love to pass by the new mayor.

Third, personal beliefs. Leon doesn't have many, he isn't racist, he isn't a bigamist, he just believes in everyone's rights. He supports the freedoms that America gives them, and sure he will crack a racial joke here and there, but if he makes someone mad he buys them a beer.

Fourth, History. This, was the fun part. Leon has a history in the military, a history as a trick biker, and former wrestler, as well as a former gang member in London, and a one time author. This bizarre mix opens allot of doors, while still being realistic. He did what he had to those 3-4 years to earn money, but never once became too good at them to be over powered.

Finally, Family. Leon's family abandoned him, though he still speaks to his mother and sister. His mother is a racist, and hates Leon, though he puts up with her, his sister married the brother of Timmy Kesso, another player of the server, and as such Kess is Leon's brother in law, or at least a close enough family for Leon to respect.

Now Leon has much behind him, giving many opportunities to play off of. However, we aren't done. We have the character down, but now we need to learn to play as the character.

5) In Character

One of the biggest problems i see, is playing your newly made character. /b is your friend, but don't abuse it, is my first tip. Second, your character you make reflects you, when you play them wrong, it reflects negatively on you. Mistakes are understandable, but don't break character just to win a fight, this is called powergaming, and is the equivalent to cheating. So to show how a situation can be handled, i will introduce you to three new characters, and we will see how they react.

This is Alan, a 34 year old that believes he is "The sixth son of the circle of Mana." He suffers from the belief that he is a wizard, and usually makes a true fool of himself in situations. He lives alone, and cares little of the modern world, and has no fear because he thinks he can summon a "level 6 Thunderbolt of Thor."

This is James, or as he calls himself, "Lil Fiddy." He is a stuck up, rich white, wigger. He thinks he is a gang member, but in honesty he is a deluded kid with money in his pocket. He is a member of a five man gang, The Crew. He has an engraved pistol, and tons of "Street clothes," but in honesty is a joke.

This is Francis and Jeffrey. Francis is a 52 yea old biker, and Jeffrey is a 24 year old bike enthusiast. Francis looks intimidating, but honestly is a push over, unless you piss him off. Jeffrey is a hard headed gang banger, one of the real ones not the fake ones, and he gets into trouble all the time because of how rash he acts.

Now that you met the characters, let me give you a scenario:

The setting is the outside of a bar, behind it specifically. The character(s) are smoking, when two people step over. One is a taller, but slimmer male, with a bandanna hiding his face, and an obvious shape of a gun in the pocket of his hoodie. The other is a fairly well built older male, carrying a bat over his shoulder. They start taunting the character(s), before demanding money otherwise the character(s) will get beat up.

Alan would pull out his fake wand, aiming it at them, his spare hand moving mystically. He threatens to call upon a demon to take care of the two, who respond by stepping closer. The guy began to yell out home made incantations, loud enough that it attracts the attention of a couple nearby paramedics. The paramedics think it is hysterical gibberish, and go to check it out, causing the two gangsters to run away. Alan didn't directly scare off the gang members, but because of his inability to feel fear, and his delusions, he got help to come, and is now serving time with counselors.

Lil Fiddy would start taunting back, and would pull his gun free, holding it crooked and weakly, like an amateur. he would keep making insults, and make a complete fool of himself, before the thin male pulled out his own gun. Fiddy and the man would hold guns at each other, Fiddy would taunt again, and then shoot, missing by a mile, as the other male shoots him twice in the stomach. Fiddy would start babbling and crying, before the one with the bat knocked him out. He wasn't a real gangster, he was a wanna-be, and his idiocy got him killed.

Francis would attempt to keep Jefferey from getting too riled up, trying to just pay the other two and move along. Jefferey, though, would pull his gun out and take down the one with the gun. The nearby male with the bat would crack Jefferey in the skull, causing Francis to loose control. Francis would tackle him, making the bat roll away, and would beat the senses out of the male, leaving him unconscious. Because of Jefferey, the two men are now in jail, and he is in the hospital. Francis served no time, acting in self defense, but now has to deal with a friend in the hospital.

As you can see, how your character thinks and act can result in many ways for a roleplay to end. At the same time, they all have their benefits, and consequences. It is up to you to make sure your character is well thought out, and you play him well.

6) Conclusion

In closing, there are many people around that would be happy to help you out, and we support questions about roleplaying and character creation. The server can only benefit from people willing to try, and learn. RC:RP is full of opportunity, but you must seek it out, and you must be willing to accept criticism and help to become a better roleplayer.

If you have any question, in character creation, or roleplaying, ask around, or private message me. If you need help being creative, seek guidance. If you would like to add on to this guide, message me. Remember, a roleplay is only as good as the characters within.
NOTE: This is not my entire work, but I decided to post it to help the new players coming on the server.
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well written! this is an ok guide for new rpers!

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Jul 10, 2016
Id suggest giving (full) credit to the person who actually created this; Leon_Ashford (not a player on this server, I don't believe)
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BigFoe said:
Id suggest giving (full) credit to the person who actually created this; Leon_Ashford (not a player on this server, I don't believe)
stfu u lame :luvrcrp: :lol: :lol:
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El Chapo Jr. said:
BigFoe said:
Id suggest giving (full) credit to the person who actually created this; Leon_Ashford (not a player on this server, I don't believe)
stfu u lame :luvrcrp: :lol: :lol:
the guides from like 2012 :lol: I don't have a problem with it, its a good guide. Just would suck to get introuble without giving someone credit
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El Chapo Jr. said:
BigFoe said:
Id suggest giving (full) credit to the person who actually created this; Leon_Ashford (not a player on this server, I don't believe)
stfu u lame :luvrcrp: :lol: :lol:
the guides from like 2012 :lol: I don't have a problem with it, its a good guide. Just would suck to get introuble without giving someone credit
I can tell lol, it's outdated asf.. we get it tho mr.enforcer :lol:


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Feb 2, 2016
Uhm, could you change the word anarchist to something else? As an anarchist in real life, I took great offense, I am sorry.

Awesome guide nevertheless.
Oct 31, 2016
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Tavio Castrillo Bizzman
Zakey said:
Uhm, could you change the word anarchist to something else? As an anarchist in real life, I took great offense, I am sorry.

Awesome guide nevertheless.
Honestly, if you take offense on something you read on the internet, you shouldn't be spending your time around the internet.
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