[GUIDE] Using Teamspeak.

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Mar 29, 2013
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• If you do not have the program yet - http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
• Open the program.
• When the window is open go to the top left corner and click "connect".​

Server Address - The server address is the IP of the server you wish to join.
Nickname - The name that you will connect with.
Server Password - If the server you're trying to connect to has a password then you will need to fill this in.
• When you have filled everything in you can click "connect".​

Your Information
• Left click on your name once then your information will appear on the right side of the screen.​

Nickname - Here you can see your name.
Version – The version you are using.
Server Group - A group that you are a part of.
Eaxmple : Administrator, Server Owner.
Channel Group - The group that you are a part of
Eaxmple : Channel Admin​

Settting your Avatar / Deleting your Avatar
• Right click your name on teamspeak, this should open a drop down menu.
• Now you want to click "Set Avatar"​

• When you have found the picture you wish to use, double-click on it, then when you click on your name it should look like this.​

Setting up your microphone
• Go to the "settings" drop down menu.
• Then click the "options" button in the drop down menu​

• When the "options" window opens you will need to then look to the left and click on "capture".​

• Now you need to click on "Begin test".

• After you click on the "Begin test" you will need to casually speak into your microphone and adjust the bar until the blue circle turns light blue.​

• If the light does not turn light blue when talking you will need to lower it so that the light turns light blue.​

Light bar

“Set Globally Away” – If you’re going AFK (Away From Keyboard) click this and people will know that you are not there.

“Set Globally Away Status" - If you wish to leave a message when going AFK then choose this option.

“Activate Microphone” – When talking on two different teamspeaks you will need to click this to chose which one you want to talk in at that time.

“Mute Microphone” – Use this when you wish to mute your microphone so that nobody in your channel can hear you.

“Mute Speakers/Headphones” – This button is useful when you are watching a video and you don’t want to hear anybody.

“Subscrbe Mode” – When you only want to see the people in your channel and not people in other channels you can click this, if you want to turn it off then click it again.

“Contacts” – Used to manage your friends.​

Push to talk / Continuous transmission / Voice actvation detection

• If you would like to speak with the voice key press the "Push To Talk" and then on the Select the key you want to talk with him.
• If you want the microphone to pick up any noise then choose "Continuous transmission."
• If you want you are talking into the microphone and want it to automatically pick up your voice select "voice actvation detection"​

Installing a theme
• So what you want to do is go to the themes section on the main teamspeak website: http://addons.teamspeak.com/directory/s ... heets.html
• Now, you want to choose the theme that you would like on your teamspeak.
• Download the file you want and then open up the .rar file.
• For the sake of this guide I have chosen to go with the AllBlack V2 theme: http://addons.teamspeak.com/directory/a ... ck-V2.html

• The next thing you want to do is find your Teamspeak 3 Client folder and open it, mine is in LocalDisk/Program Files/TeamSpeak 3 Client

• When you open it up there should be a folder with the name "styles"
• Open "styles" then drag the folder and the .qss file from the .rar into the styles folder.

I hope this guide helped you, if there is anything I have forgotten or any questions you have for me please post them and I will respond to you as soon as possible.
- Owen
Aug 6, 2012
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My Teamspeak crashes the SAMP, every time they both simultaneously work 'gta_sa.exe has stopped working'
What should I do?


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Jun 1, 2012
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Brian Johnsson
Inferno said:
My Teamspeak crashes the SAMP, every time they both simultaneously work 'gta_sa.exe has stopped working'
What should I do?
Try turning off the overlay if you got it on. Go into Settings > Plugins and see what you got enabled.
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