Guide/Support:How to join the SASP effectivley.

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Mar 6, 2011
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Guide to supporting you get into the SASP

Ok first of all, People need to understand the SASP, Only accepts the best of the best.

So to be accepted into the best you need to be complient and also effective in situations.
Also you have to be able to take commands and take action with the correct process.

First step

Your a civilian

Second Step

Request a ride along, if one is not avaliable then wait.

Third Step

Then apply for the force, As an applicant its good to do more ride alongs but it shows your trying to understand the force before applying

Fourth Step

Put effort into your application also make sure you can read english correctly, And also complete the set criteria limits.
Some people fail on this stage by failing to read, Remember to be able to write correctly, and effectivley.

Fifth Step

Your CV, Keep doing ride alongs at this time more officers may vouch you.
Also be very complient and very well RP'ed during these ride alongs.

Your CV needs to be very detailed, the better the CV, the more we know your effort and your willing and dedication to the Department.
If you beleive the following " Oh well if i get accepted my application does not mean shit! its only when i go into the academy"
Your application means it all, It shows us what your like before you join, also your application is over looked when you go through the academy.

Sixth step

Interview, Be very well spoken.
Do not stutter, if you dont know what somthing means ask the officer to repeat it.
Do not lie, Do not bullshit.
Be kind, and thank them if possible for there time.

Seventh Step

On acceptance of a interview with the new scheme coming into place you will not be hired,
You will go into the academy there is now various diffrent sectors in the academy, Be very polite, Be ready to take actions from commands.
Listen to every comment made by a instructor, Take notes during training.
Never, ever command other academy cadets, and never ever swear or speak OOC'ly or spam your Microphone, or start speaking in OOC IG.
Stick to RP, and never go out of context.
Also keep your questions in untill spoken to or authorised to ask.

Eight Step

Be complient during the whole academy, be polite, and keep your head up taking notes.
Then when notes are taken, and it comes to the advance stage of training and examination.
Remember to look back on notes, and look at them during the training.
Be very active.

Ninth Step

During hiring or firing never ever moan.
Or never ever speak above higher authorities, They will most likley fire you.

Tenth Step

If hired, never ever fuck about.
Dont go patroling alone, And always follow rules.
Then you will be promoted, and if you dont then you will be hired.

Remember, if you get hired during the academy process, dont use your weapons, Dont be a complete kid.
Dont arrest people, dont think your somthing your not, Dont be a moaning orphan.

The key to sucess, Be very complient and very well spoken and heavily Rp'able.

Then you will be what the academy is looking for.​
Oct 10, 2010
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Thnx.. il use this on the 22nd of april
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