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[Guide] Skinhead or Racist Roleplay


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Sep 8, 2016
Guide to Skinhead / Racist Roleplay

  • Section One: Backstory
If you are going to be role-playing a racist character, you will obviously need to start by having reasons behind your views. Nobody is prejudiced against others without some sort of reasoning behind it. Perhaps your character grew up in a street gang infested area, such as Palomino. Maybe he was ridiculed or beat up on and messed with just because he wasn't african-american. Maybe your character is from the boonies, he grew up around all redneck or white people. He would be prejudiced to minorities considering he doesn't know many, and he's never around them. People generally have a hard time accepting things they're not used to. Your character's back story, or where your character is from is always an important part of role-play, especially for this type of role-play or faction. Perhaps your character wasn't racist at all, but then he was sentenced and did a stint in prison. Prison in RC-RP is known as Green Palms D.O.C. In prison things are much more segregated than on the outside. It's not about gang colors anymore, it's about skin color. Don't get me wrong, some white people do hang out with the african-americans. But they would generally be abused by the members of white gangs etc. If you're in prison, and you're white.. members of PENI or the AB would protect you. A young age leaves room for development in your character. If he is a bit older, he should have went through more events. White gang members are generally young. They can more easily get brainwashed by their elders into doing crime. A lot of peckerwoods/skinheads start their criminal career as teenagers in juvenile halls.

Good Example: Mike grew up in Red County, going back and forth between Montgomery and Palomino. He was beaten up multiple times or robbed by minority gang members. They harassed him all the time, and he began to hate them. Mike would eventually start hanging out with the Peckerwoods in his area, and eventually his bigger homies would accept him into the gang.

Bad Example: Mike is from Angel Pine, he hates on minorities because he thinks white gangs are cool.

  • Section Two: Becoming a Criminal Skinhead / Peckerwood
Being a criminal skinhead or Peckerwood has a lot to do with your backstory, background, and where you are from. Seeing as gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood, Nazi Lowriders, and PENI all revolve around the prison system. No random white guy, mobster, or biker who goes to prison will start putting in work with the gangs. They have ties and connections on the outside that they already pledge their allegiance to. Peckerwoods and Skinheads will, because they stick together on the outside, so on the inside it works the same way. Not all Peckerwoods and Skinheads get along, but they all agree on the same views. There are a lot of misconceptions about skinheads. Having racist tattoos or branding does not make you a skinhead. The Aryan Brotherhood are also not skinheads. Skinheads and Peckerwoods operate in areas of high white population. Bikers are not Skinheads, unless a skinhead was inducted into an MC. It's more logical for someone to have prejudiced views if they come from a place with a higher white population. Angel Pine for example.

Good Example: Mike grew up in Angel Pine, an area with a heavy white population. His views on minorities are prejudiced from the older skinheads and gang members in the community. When his friend was sent to prison, he got involved with PENI.

Bad Example: Mike is a member of a biker gang. He goes to prison for a few years. He shaves his head and now he's in the Aryan Brotherhood.

  • Section Three: Role-play With Other Races
Most people think that if you're role-playing as a Skinhead, Peckerwood, or Racist you won't interact with other races at all, and you will just shoo them off and attack them with insults and slurs, but this isn't true. It happens yes, but alot of the racism is talked about within the group. Gangs like AB and the NLR now have a certain viewpoint. This viewpoint is: Money Before Hatred. The gang will work with other races if it brings profit, and they will try to keep their racism out of the business deals. They don't go around committing hate crimes 24/7 either. Half hispanic members are also accepted. The scene is friendly to people which are part Hispanic. White gangs were influenced early on by Hispanic gangs, so they have no problem with half races.It's about numbers. Your character can even be Jewish. Black characters obviously wouldn't be accepted or fully hispanic characters.

Good Example: Mike is hanging out on the gang's corner in Angel Pine. He comes into an interaction with a black male from the area who's looking for drugs. He would act normal and sell drugs to the man, gaining a profit from the interaction.

Bad Example: Mike is hanging out on the gang's corner in Angel Pine. He comes into an interaction with a black male from the area who's looking for drugs. He would begin to yell racist slurs at him. "Get the fuck out of here negro!" "Fuck off Toad!" "This isn't a jungle!"

  • Section Four: Females in These Gangs
Most white gangs use females to help them out. Especially in prison. They can send messages, deliver narcotics, take care of the money.. also they could use legal jobs to gain access to people's personal information that the gang uses for identity and credit card theft. Females would gain access to the gang through family / relationship ties. They hang out with the gang and before you know it they're doing drugs and participating. Not saying all females need to be in a relationship with a skinhead gang member.

Good Example: Sarah is Mike's sister. When he is sentenced to prison she sends messages to the other members for him.

Sarah grew up in Compton and decided to kill black people.

  • Section Five: Drugs
White gang members are known for using many drugs especially meth and cocaine. They revolve around dealing narcotics. Some learn how to cook, some get it from other gang members. Meth makes them very paranoid and assists them in staying up for multiple days at a time.

Good Example: Mike has been up for two days straight. He's very paranoid and keeps looking out the blinds. He's strung out on meth and acting very suspicious all though everything is fine he believes someone is watching him.

Bad Example: Mike won the fight because he's on meth and this makes him a demi-god.

  • Section Six: More

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