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[GUIDE] Sidejobs


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Aug 21, 2016
Red County Roleplay - SIDEJOBS

Welcome to JackH's guide about sidejobs in RCRP!

As you make a new character in the server, you are going to need money. Sidejobs are the best ways to start earning money in RCRP. There are exactly 6 sidejobs: Pizza Delivery Boy; Sweeping job; Coal Miner; Trash Collector; Truck Driver; Bus Driver. Most of them require you to drive around and collect checkpoints, except some. Sidejobs are marked with red flags in your minimap and each one of them has a spam timer so you don't do the job to farm money. You can lower the spam timers by doing those jobs and level up, or by donating to the server. Below I will be listing every detail about each sidejob. But before we go on, here is a map which shows the location of each job:


The first town you spawn in is Montgomery, so you go exploring that city. Since you're very keen on making some starting money, you go looking for a quick job so you can make some quick cash. So you go to Montgomery Pizza Stacks, head to the right side of the parking and press /delivery. Once you get to do that, a red Moonbeam will get spawned and the job will start. The job requires you to go to certain house adresses, get a pizza from your van and deliver it to the house. You use /deliveryhomes to check the houses you need to go to, and /getpizza to get the pizza from your Moonbeam. If you have trouble finding a house, you can use /navto [adress] but to use that you're going to need a GPS that you can buy from any electronics shop. Once you reach a house adress, you will have to /getpizza next to your Moonbeam and go to the house icon, which will give you the message that you have successfully delivered the pizza, plus a random tip. To end the job, you will have to go back to Montgomery Pizza Stack, where you started the job. It will send a random reward in your bank account.
Location: Montgomery Pizza Stack.
Vehicle: Moonbeam.
Payment: Low - Average
/deliver, /deliveryhomes, /getpizza.


The second job you may want to try is the sweeping job. It is located right at the entrance of Palomino Creek, next to the gas station and only requires you to /sweep and follow the checkpoints all around Palomino Creek. After the checkpoints end, you are required to go back to the gas station where you started the job. That will make the job end, and you will receive a random reward. There are precisely 23 checkpoints you need to follow.
Location: Palomino Creek Gas Station.
Vehicle: Sweeper.
Payment: Low.
Checkpoints: 23.
Command(s): /sweep.


Coal mining is located in Hunters Quarry, Bone County. It requires you to go in front of the cabin and press /coalmine. That will spawn a Dumper and also start the job. There are two routes you can't really pick between, and 20 checkpoints you need to follow. To end the job, you need to pick up the last checkpoint. You will of course receive a random reward.
Location: Hunters Quarry.
Vehicle: Dumper.
Payment: Low
Command(s): /coalmine.

Trash Collector

The job is right in front of Hunters Quarry in Bone County. You start it by pressing /collecttrash, which will spawn a Trashmaster for you and also start the job. All you need to do is follow checkpoints, get off the car, collect another checkpoint that's next to a trash bin, then go to the back of your truck, then back in the truck. The job goes on like that. The job requires you to collect the last checkpoint that's located where you started the job. You will of course get a random reward after finishing.
Location: Front of Hunters Quarry, Bone County.
Vehicle: Trashmaster.
Payment: Average
Command(s): /collecttrash.

Truck Driver

The job is located in FleischBerg industries, facing Blueberry Acres. You will need to press /truck inside the yard, which will spawn a random truck for you and you will get a menu with lots of locations to choose, or you can pick the 'random' option that can pick any route in the menu. You will need to follow 2 checkpoints after that. To end the job, you have to collect a third checkpoint that is located in FleischBerg industries, where you started the job. You will get a reward that's random. Sadly, I have no pictures of doing the job.
Location: FleischBerg Industries, Blueberry.
Vehicle(s): Linerunner, Tanker, Roadtrain.
Payment: High
Command(s): /truck.

Bus Driver

The job is located in FleischBerg industries too, not facing Blueberry Acres but facing the river in fact. To start the job, you must press /drivebus in the yard; it will spawn a Bus and it will also start the job. You need to follow the checkpoints the job gives you and wait 5 seconds at each checkpoint before leaving. There are exactly 53 checkpoints you need to go through and the payment is fixed, $3650.00. To end the job, you need to collect the last checkpoint. Sadly, I have no pictures of me doing the job.
Location: FleischBerg Industries, Blueberry.
Vehicle: Bus.
Payment: High
Command(s): /drivebus.


Jan 3, 2018
I'd say just try fishing instead as a newbie, or just grind the sidejobs until you get *SOME* money (to get a car mainly), the just start looking for RP and you'll forget you even needed money to begin with.