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Aug 1, 2010
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How to roleplay a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

As being a firefighter ingame I have RP'ed a lot of MVA's. But every time it's almost the same way of repetitive RP.
Mostly because the victims don't know exactly what to say in their /do's and /me's so they just wait till the Fire and EMS personnel arrives on scene
and they let them do the RP work. In this guide I'll try to explain to you what kind of situations you can describe when the FD arrives.
Also how to adapt on several situations.

Scene description

When the Fire Department arrives on scene they will ask what happened directly to you in IC chat. What they also should and are supposed to do,
is asking what they currently see via the /do command. If it would occur that they don't ask anything about the current situation in /do,
feel free to give them a little push and say yourself what they see via the /do command.
When you described the current situation the Fire and EMS personnel are supposed to adapt and handle towards your description.

To make it a little challenging for everyone involved in the RP it is advised that you describe multiple things.
Here is a list of things that you can describe when involved in an MVA as a victim:

Leaking liquids out of the vehicle

When you say Leaking liquids and not leaking fuel you make it a lot more difficult for the firefighters in that situation.
Leaking liquid could be motor oil, gasoline/petrol or just cooling water. By using the general term of liquid, you can later on change the
situation by saying what type of liquid it is. This will make it easier or harder for the Fire and EMS personnel.

Engine still on or off

Saying that your engine is still on or not can give a little extra RP. If it is still on, the Firefighters are supposed to shut it down to
avoid a possible vehicle fire with you still in the vehicle.

Dangerous structural damage

Did you collide in a building? Or on an electrical pole? Adapt to the situation. If you collided onto a building you can say that the wall
could partially collapse on the vehicle. If on an electrical pole you can describe that the lines got snapped and are dangerously laying on the ground.
These are just two examples of possible situations.

Smoke coming out of the vehicle

It is possible that smoke is coming out of the engine's compartment of the vehicle. And where smoke is, is possible fire. This doesn't mean that you need
to RP a direct vehicle fire (which is possible) but this can evolve into that in a later stage.

Doors being jammed

The vehicle doors are the most common entry for Fire and EMS personnel towards the victim. When those are jammed you as a victim stay longer
in the vehicle which could potentially lower your chances of survival. When the doors are jammed the firefighters are forced to use different
extrication tools as the hydraulic cutters, -spreaders, -ram, ...

You as a victim being stuck in the vehicle

When entrapped in a vehicle the firefighters must extricate you out of the vehicle using different tools. This gives a more realistic
feeling when RPing an MVA. If you decide that your character is stuck in the vehicle, provide as much information on the condition of
the vehicle and where you are entrapped. Example: you can be entrapped by jammed vehicle doors or below the dashboard.
Of course this is optional as it is perfectly possible to have an auto accident without any entrapped people. But if your vehicle
did some barrel roles, you drove more then 60 MPH, or you had a frontal collision it is highly common that you are entrapped in the vehicle
because of the major impact it suffered.

Personal (visible) injuries.

Yes I know, there are cases when a person gets out of their car without any wounds. But this is very rare and mostly called miraculous.
When involved in an MVA as a victim you can have a lot of injuries. Going from fractured bones, bleeding, deep cuts, burn wounds and so on.
What I do advise to roleplay is having at least some neck pain (mostly because you had a whiplash). Possible spinal injuries are possible and
give some extra difficulties for firefighters when extricating you.


It is very important to say if you're conscious or not. If you are then the Fire and EMS personnel know that you are still breathing which means
you are still alive. If you do not respond to their questions, use a /do to describe that you're unconscious. Mostly they'll ask that themselves.
Being unconsciousness means you have a low pulse or not breathing at all. If you're not breathing you'll go into cardiac arrest. When you
are in cardiac arrest Fire and EMS personnel are supposed to do a direct CPR on you.

/do's & /me's

For scene description you use the /do command. When you want to say your personal injuries you can use /me. I'm not going to explain how to
use these detailed since this is considered as the basics of RP. For more detailed and specific information on how to correct
use the /me and /do command, you can read this guide:

What NOT to do

As I mentioned above it is perfectly possible to have no injuries at all. Do note that these are rare occasions. And if you have no injuries
do not act as you're superman and don't just jump out of the vehicle and run off. Every person who is involved in an MVA must be taken to the hospital.
Al tough EMS personnel can't force you to come with them. This doesn't mean you can just run off.
If you decide that you don't want to pay a visit to the hospital then do so in a RP manner by saying that to the Fire and EMS personnel.
Normally they'd ask you to sign a paper of refusal of medical attention so they can't be sued and then its your responsibility if something
would happen to you due to possible injuries you weren't aware of before.
Also try to refrain from /b as much as possible so you stay more focused on the RP.


It could be possible that the persons of SAES use fire/medical terms or names of equipment that you don't understand. If you don't understand something feel free
to PM the person or ask in /b. By understanding the equipment and terms they use you know better what's is happening and what they're doing
with you and the vehicle at that specific moment so you can adapt better to that situation.

Also try to stay focussed at the RP. Normally the Fire and EMS personnel will interact with you as much as possible and do NOT go AFK as we
encountered numerous of times.

The last thing I want to note down here is to ask to give the guys and girls from SAES a good but hard time RPing with you.
They and you will have more enjoyment because this will intensify the RP. Remember that you are the victim and only you know what exactly
happened with your character and the scene no one else. The more details, the better the RP. Enjoy your next auto accident.

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Dec 29, 2010
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Good guide, I'm tired of seeing people crash while driving over 90mph and only getting a headache or small bruises.
Although there was one occasion where I ran over some guy while going 20-30mph down Palomino Lake, he /do'd 'Skull is crashed', lol.
Aug 13, 2010
Most the time when I RP car accidents I RP that my door are caved in etc.
Nice guide.


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Oct 13, 2010
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Mind If I add something?

If you witness a MVA, Please call SAES first and NOT SASP.. we have more important calls then supervising a MVA.

I'll break it down,

1. Attempt to see if the victim has any life threatening injuries
2. Call SAES
3. If the MVA is covering most of the road, SAES will contact us.
4. We will send a traffic unit (Black and Blue cruiser) to block off the road.


Jul 1, 2010
FINALLY! Waited for something like this, i'm tired of people just /b Lagslam? Sticky this!
Oct 10, 2010
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Fleur said:
Good guide, I'm tired of seeing people crash while driving over 90mph and only getting a headache or small bruises.
Although there was one occasion where I ran over some guy while going 20-30mph down Palomino Lake, he /do'd 'Skull is crashed', lol.

great guide. I hope RP quality will increase because of this :D
Dec 21, 2010
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You don't necessarily have to RP smoke on the engine. I've RP'ed smoke inside the car with all doors jammed. Then I started a sort of time limit, and I gave them a bad situation for coming late.
You can do a combination of everything.
For example:
The engine is smoking.
The interior of the vehicle is full of smoke, and all doors are jammed/windows up.
Petroleum has spilt all around the car.
There is an electrical pole nearby.
Due to all the smoke the man inside is unconscious.
Due to the high speed the man has a serious head injury. The skull is bone may be cracked.
Sparks also may come from engines.
Sometimes your car can also be on fire, with you trapped inside.
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