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[GUIDE/HOW TO.] Roleplaying basketball.


Aug 27, 2016
Well, some of players here doesn't really know how to roleplay playing basketball, it's either they don't play ball IRL or they just don't know how to.
So here's my way of roleplaying basketball.
Alright, so let me explain it pl0x.

So, some of us knows how to roleplay playing basketball, but I don't think that they do know how to roleplay one on one ball. ( Player X vs Player Z if you didn't catch my term. )
However, let me explain the main shit first, roleplaying basketball.

SOLO Basketball.
First of all, basketball RP is one of the most entertaining passive RP. So you go to the basketball court and RP getting the ball and stretching a bit- more likely warming yourself up. You just simply roleplay getting a distance from the hoop, and performing a jumpshot. Once you've already roleplayed it, you'll do an /attempt for it for the results if it'll succeed or nah. If the result succeeded, you either jump or say /s Allahu Akbar, jk xD. Just roleplay having fun doing it. /awwwyeah.
When the shot didn't make it, you just simply do whatever in your imagination e.g (/do) The ball would bounce back to my current position. (Devin Marbury)

Example of /me's and /attempt's :

(/me)*Devin Marbury makes his way towards the court, crouching next to the ball, as he'd make a distance from the hoop- dribbling the ball while making a distance.

*Devin Marbury stretches a bit, as he'd perform a behind the back dribbles, jumping afterwards- performing a quick jumpshot.

(/attempt) Devin Marbury tries to shoot the ball and succeeded.*

Roleplaying one on one battle with a m8.

Alright so, this is fun because you're competteting your homie, and you can also roleplay the toughest guy when it comes to basketball. You can also bet in any one on one battle.​

So this roleplay is running from /attempt's and /rolldice and of course, /me's.​

- So once your opponent RP'ed shooting, dribbling, you can roleplay blocking or stealing it, but you do need to roleplay it first (/me) and /attempt afterwards. But your opponent can /attempt too, for fairness.
Once your opponent /attempt shooting the ball and it succeded, and your /attempt to block it succeded too, you'll both roll a dice, the higher the dice is, wins the RP. But if you don't won the /attempt, it's pretty obvious that you'd fail either shooting, stealing or blocking the ball. Same goes if you won the /attempt, you'll obviously succeed to the action you're upto.​

Example of /me's, /rolldice's, and /attempt's.

(/me) *Devin Marbury attempts to do a crossover, driving it onwards the hoop- performing a smooth layup.
(/attempt) Devin Marbury attempted to perform a layup and shoots the ball to the hoop and succeeded.
Opponets RP:
(/me) Muinton Qalik runs towards Devin, jumping with his full force to Devin's direction- attempting to block him.
(/attempt) Muinton Qalik attempted to block the layup of Devin and succeeded.

So as I said, if you both had succeded the /attempt, you have to rolldice for it.
(/rolldice) Devin rolls a dice and landed on 4
Muinton Qalik rolls a dice and landed on 3.
get rekt fam
Stop for a second until you both roll the dice. And after you've rolled it, you're both supposed to go back with your RP's, shouting at each other, rp bragging or smth like that.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment here if you got any questions regarding this thread.


Dec 19, 2015
That second name is cringy af w/e lol
Good tutorial mate